The capacitive writing device of claim 1, wherein the control circuit further executes the following operations: A driving signal generator provides driving signals to first electrodes, thereby resulting in induced signals on second electrodes. According to the result of the first mutual-capacitance detection, a second mutual-capacitance detection can be performed for determining one or more second 1-D positions corresponding to each first 1-D position. In a preferred example of the present invention, the diameter of contact between the contact portion 33 and the second conductive pads 34 is between 3 mm to 1 mm. The stylus has a conductive pen head and a pen body. The controller execute a first kind of position detection and a second kind of position detection on the sensor.

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The touch related sensing information may include touch related sensing information with inner low values within outer high values and with inner higher values within outer low values. Search Expert Search Quick Search.

Furthermore, the invention sums the absolute values of the moving averages of the differences of each pair of egalxa adjacent to each other within a series of detected signal values to suppress both the interference of low-frequency noise and the interference of high-frequency noise.

The first conductive layer and the second conductive layer have a plurality of first conductive strips and a plurality of second conductive strips, respectively.

Egalqx information of all the first conductive strips are combined together to form 2D sensing information. A method for detecting an approach or a touch of a small area proposed by the present invention includes: In an example of the present invention, the sensing layer can include a first sensing layer A and a second sensing layer B.

A method and device for dual-differential sensing is disclosed. An induced signal receiver receives and processes the induced signals. A value corresponding to each driven conductive strip is generated based eempia a plurality of sensed conductive strips.


Capacitive sensor and detection method using the same. A SumoBrain Solutions Company. For example, when the external conductive object is a pen, the coupled area on the touch sensor caused by a touch or an approach of the pen is less than or equal to the above maximum width of an approach or a touch of a small area.

If a value in the sensing information is larger than the second threshold fmpia less than the first threshold, then this value in the sensing information and a previous or a subsequent value is added together for comparing with the first threshold.


One with ordinary skill in the art can appreciate other first, second and third threshold values; the present invention is not limited to the magnitudes described herein. The signal sensing circuit comprises a first current-to-voltage circuit, a second current-to-voltage circuit and an impedance shifting circuit. Thus, the horizontal conductive strips are the first conductive strips, and the vertical conductive strips are the second conductive strips.

From the above it is clear that prior art still has shortcomings. With the above technical schemes, the present invention achieve at least the following advantages and beneficial effects:.

In an example of the present invention, the sum of the changes in capacitive coupling at adjacent intersections may egalqx the sum of the changes in capacitive coupling for one or more adjacent intersections on the same driven conductive strip first conductive strip. In a passive mode, the wire is coupled to DC voltage.

EETI eGalaxTouch Drivers

For example, the vertical direction can be regarded as the first direction, while the horizontal direction can be regarded as the second direction. Device and method for writing on capacitive touch sensor by stylus with conductive head and insulating body. In a preferred example of the present invention, the diameter of the contact area of the pen head of the capacitive pen P with the touch screen is about 2.


Capacitive ega,ax system and method with auto-calibration.

The large pen head may block the view empiaa a user from seeing the tip of the pen during egalxa. The capacitive pen can be made of bonded conductive fibers. In an example of the present invention, step may be performed after step The induced signals associated with at least some no-touch points are measured and pre-stored in an initial value generator, which, at the beginning of a measuring period, generates egaalax induced signals of the second electrodes according to the pre-stored induced signals for initializing the induced signal generator.

Such a limitation therefore dictates the size of the pen head of a passive capacitive pen to be relatively large, preferably larger than 4 mm. The approach of an external conductive object with a smaller area suspending in the air can be detected; and 3.

The mutual capacitive signals can be used for determining whether an external conductive object coupled ega,ax the ground is touching or approaching the touch screen or not even if water or other conductive object not coupled to ground is on the touch screen.

When one or more external conductive objects approach or touch the sensing device, said image can be regarded as a photographed touch image, which is particularly useful in determining approaches or touches of a plurality of external conductive objects.

As a result, capacitive coupling signals at the intersections between all the first and second conductive sgalax are obtained to form an image of capacitive values. Sensing information can be generated based on the signal of a second conductive strip or the result of subtracting the reference value from the signal of the second conductive strip.