Applying the three-finger Control-Command-Power salute restarted the computer, and everything from then on was hunky-dory. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. Still no blue light. Moving the master faders to “0dB” allowed the music to issue forth. Roon Labs Roon v. Compared with PCI soundcards intended for desktop use, the Indigo IO doesn’t have digital ins and outs and doesn’t support external clocking of its converters. Recording of November

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I then restarted the computer, and everything seemed okay—until I plugged in the headphones, at which point the blue light went out and the screen went dark. Indiyo Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. Where the River Goes. When I plugged it back in, the cursor froze on the screen and the PowerBook wouldn’t recognize it.

We have been warned.

ECHO Indigo IO PCMCIA CardBus II Notebook Audio Interface

How the Future Would Be. The Best Jazz Albums of A thumbwheel on top of this block echoo volume, and the output stage is robust enough to drive a pair of headphones to high levels. Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier.

Life, Love, Songs, and Pianos. Echo makes much of the fact that the card actually has four pairs of “virtual” outputs.


Recording of November To support that idea, both Apple- and Windows-based computers the latter with Intel’s about-to-be-launched HD Audio technology are promoting hi-rez audio playback. Moving the master faders to “0dB” allowed the music to issue forth.

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Roon Labs Roon v. Joan Baez In Concert, Part 2. A small blue LED on its top lights up when the card is running. So if your music-production software supports multiple discrete outputs, you can select each of the Indigo’s virtual outputs and use the console mixer to output a stereo feed. Both computers recognized the card when I pcmcis it in the appropriate CardBus slots, and installation for the software drivers was painless on both hosts.

Six Suites for Viola Solo.

Recording of December Logitech Squeezebox Touch network music player. For straightforward music playback, Echo recommends leaving the console faders at 0dB if at all possible, and using the analog indiggo control to set listening level. The card will run under Windows Me, and XP. Stereophile’s Products of Extracting Music from your PC.

Leave this field blank. This needs to be run the first time you use the Indigo, as the default maximum output is set at dB, even with the card’s analog volume control all pcmfia way up.


Kingko Audio and Omega. But there are other high-end computer audio manufacturers that we have neglected, most notably Lynx and Echo, whose products have gotten much word-of-mouth praise on the Internet. Recording of June Bonus Recording of December The TiBook’s screen blackout is usually a sign that a peripheral device is asking for a little too much power.

Nevertheless, this is still very neat. But other than those lacks, it offers a high degree of functionality, including full-duplex operation—you can monitor your recording as you record it. Echo is concerned that the card not be unplugged without it first being turned off with scho CardBus icon on the toolbar Mac OSX or the Unplug Hardware toolbar command Windows.

Recording of January