This means any type of data can be stored on it, erased from it, copied to or from it, or read from it. There are so many different uses for flash memory drives that the list is practically endless. EasyDisk wins in speed, size, and portability. If you have any flames, props or suggestions about this article. The EasyDisk is a great little product. Need to have a cdrw on each machine to write data.

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Plug a flash memory center into your USB port, and it will be instantly recognized.


windowd However, for transferring word documents and small music files etc. Should you not be compatible with any flash centers on the market, you might even consider upgrading your OS. What is Flash Memory?

A nice addition to say the least. Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. Computer accessories for example. EasyDisk comes packaged a USB extension cable when you want to use the drive beside you. Flash memory sticks are small, and therefore incredibly portable. As with all flash memory centers, the capacity of an Easy Disk can range.



It uses flash memory as the center of its storage capacity. There are so many different uses for flash memory drives that the list is practically endless. The product’s shock-resistant Mechanism is not something to guarantee that the HD harddrive, data and exterior will not be damage under all circumstanence or environment.

This switch is a write-protection feature such as floppies has.

Pretty much this entire site is my way of passing along Compact Flash Memory Further more, cable can be wrapped around for storing, and because of it’s shock-resistant body, there is no doubt about it is going to play an active part in carrying your business data around. The product comes with a small sized CD with drivers for Windows DS Cluster – Follow our Sitemap. When carry around, cable may wrap around the main device for smart storing.

We are not liable for any negative consequences that may result from implementing any information covered in our articles or tutorials. The results speak for themselves. It is a plug and play device, with no need for driver installation. Need to have a cdrw on each machine to write data. There are even breeds of memory stick that you can wear around your neck, for added security.


It sports a plain black color and uses rubber as its material of choice.

Interesting… Conclusion The EasyDisk windoqs a great little product. I ran a Sandra test: On many flash memory centers, this LED will blink while you transfer data.

Portable Flash USB Storage: EasyDisk

Two problems were the lack of USB 2. By connecting this product to a PC, the password authentication screen will launch automatically.

Here is the end result. Active Directry is not supported. Exsydisk you unplug the device at this time, you are likely to lose data.

– Review 40 – EasyDisk MB USB Drive Review

It takes no time, and is incredibly effective. The time you cannot unplug a flash memory center is when it is actually in the process of transferring data. So it is not entirely driverless as the DiskOnKey we reviewed.

The free extension cable will be handy for some and the write-protection switch on the profile of the product is a nice addition that some others do not have.