The EasyChat comes with a comparatively large Bluetooth dongle for use with laptops, and an 8-in. Too bad its MotoSpeak app doesn’t work with all phones. Posted 18 hours ago Be the first to answer. Selecting a Bluetooth headset is a very personal decision that involves many variables. It’s comfortable to wear and had excellent audio, but the headset’s biggest shortcoming is that many of its coolest features won’t work on every phone. Another, Directory Assistance , can help you find the number of, say, a restaurant you’re looking for — just say “Directory assistance” and the phone links with your carrier’s operators. With the application, and using the included Bluetooth dongle, I was able to link my computer to the headset on the first try; however, I was unable to make the connection without the dongle.

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I repeated this three times for each headset and averaged the results.

Tech EasyChat is a very basic headset that lacks some of the mobile creature comforts that the others provide. You can install only one app at a time on your ERA; if you want to try a different app, it will replace the first eeasychat.

Posted on Jun 07, Be the first to answer. Tech’s EasyChat was too basic for my needs. Jabra offers a number of third-party apps that can run on a variety of smartphones which ones depends on the specific appincluding Slacker Radio, Voice Assist which lets you listen to your e-mails and others.

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Unanswered Itech EasyChat Questions & Problems – Fixya

Its audio quality was better than most, with full, rich sound with no annoying echo aesychat more than enough volume to hear a conversation. Posted on Dec 19, Be the first to answer. The iTech EasyChat is a very simplified headset. With a range of 42 feet, the Voyager was just short of having the longest effective range; only the Jawbone ERA bested it. Am not able to pair it with my iphone.

Regardless of which one I chose, I had trouble getting a good fit, and the headset always felt a bit loose — all I had to do was jerk my head from side to side to make it easycgat off. The device supports voice calling assuming that your phone supports that feature but doesn’t offer any additional apps for, say, having text read back to you.

In a design move that harkens back to earlier headsets, the Stone2 doesn’t have an on-off switch. The shiny black-and-silver case is a real eye-catcher, and the company also sells a version with a leatherette exterior. If I activate the “right” earbud then only music will be played on that earbud despite the “left” earbud being paired already but not activated. It can run for a full workday and had very good sound, and I was able to wear it for hours on end, often forgetting I had it on.

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iTech EasyChat 306 Bluetooth Headset VKRFYKESN

To dial a call, just say “Call so-and-so,” and the phone connects the call. Posted 18 hours ago Be the first to answer.

What Wong with my philco radio Radio Too bad its MotoSpeak app doesn’t work with all phones. Posted 3 days ago Be the first to answer. Jawbone’s MyTalk site offers a variety of downloadable phone apps. It is extremely sad to realse skype is a partner to promote the sale of this rubbish oa product.


Ideal easycjat anyone who loves to talk on Skype has a mobile phone and appreciates wireless freedom. The device includes four silicone ear tips, but none fit my ears quite right.

Five Bluetooth headsets: Not just for phone calls

For those that required a dock for charging, I tried it out. But in this case, you get what you pay for. The CommandOne tells you the battery level and has a battery gauge that displays three different LED colors to show charge level. Unlike the other headsets, which fit into the ear and have thin usually detachable wire loops that secure the headset to your ear, the Voyager itself actually loops around the ear.

The phone does the rest. Click here to explore similar products. Over the course of a month, I wore the headsets every day and made hundreds of calls with my phone, as well as with my iPad and my notebook, using Skype’s voice-over-IP service. If looks were everything in a headset, the Jabra Stone2 would be a surefire winner.