Thanks for you help hopefull Has there been an update recently that is causing this?. The device requires the firmware in the repository to work, not the bundled bin file. Sold in mid , together with DVB Viewer. The list of devices here is quite a mess. It’s even impossible to load the firmware via dfu-ec Using lsmod none of the 5 modules are present sudo insmod dvb-core.

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e3C EC168 DVB-T Device drivers for Windows 10 x64

This page was last modified on 24 Januaryat It consists of a heatsink block, a fan, a mirror-like base, and five heat pipes. I hope that makes sense and gives some indication as to what should be done. This is now working. Only errors in compiling firedtv Retrieved from ” eec168 Rebooting to Ubuntu solved the problem and all was working again. It even works as plug and play as many times as you like where it didnot before. Make use of available links in order to select an appropriate driver, click on those links to start uploading.

All other modules load fine. OCZ Petrol series can be attributed to the budgetary products with good performance and e1c68 price. So a quick work around is to disable the firedtv driver by modifying the. To find out this may help: Equally the Linux driver should work for all revisions. New USB device strings: Design of the casing is developed according to the company’s prime standards: The device requires the firmware in the repository to work, not the bundled bin file.


The firmware is the same as in the Microtune MTF version.

Xigmatek, a renowned manufacturer in this segment, has been introducing qualitative and original solutions sc168 many years. The product is sold with at least two sw bundles too that may be related to the hwolder versions were sold with DVBViewer Windows software, newer with Blaze. Microsoft Open Technologies will serve also the unifying factor for the multiple companies and communities that long for cooperation with ….

Rebooting looses the above files and you have to start again. I type make and it starts compiling and creates a whole bunch of.

Retrieved from ” https: Works with the driver from Antti’s mercurial repository as described in [4]. I’ve discovered that some of them are present on the kernel dvb-core. I’ll try to clean up the list of devices tomorrow.

Among other responsibilities of newly-created company, Microsoft Open Technologies is entitled with the liability to track and manage all the corporate investments directed to the open-source software sphere. Commercial success of the company in IT ef168 depends upon the applied marketing strategies, line of products, and processing technologies.


Just bough that and i can’t manage to make it work under Linux.

Sometimes the plasic case can differ but the innards are just the same. I am using METV right now with 2 usb dvb-t tuners. What seems to be required is that the 5 files are loaded during the boot sequence.

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I did some of the restructuring to clean up the mess of ppl editing without an eye for the semantics of sections and subsections. Nonetheless, if turning the cooler sideways, it becomes vivid that the item is a …. Not all the DVB-T will work.