Anyone can help me? Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. September 5th, 3. Emu USB shows 4 inputs in jack: My conclusion is not optimistic. Of course, at that point I knew that I cannot even closely afford it, as the resulting sum was 10 times the price of the soundcard.

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Like you I tried the live CD of Fedora 9 and the card worked flawlessly. When everything is in As long as I don’t use any networkingboth lnux and playback work without any clicks, pops, or other extraneous noises. The card seems to work fine for secs then stops. All sampling rates are available, at and bit depths.


At any rate, if I’m going to be taping with a laptop, network access is about the last thing I’d be concerned with. The only unfortunate thing is that the Wi-Fi driver doesn’t get along with my Acer Aspire One’s wireless – I get data corruption. It is said to be “non usb-audio standards compliant”, so a new driver has to be written for it. Do you know this page: This same netbook using XP was a lost cause for recording, no matter how many devices I disabled.


I looked up the quirks file in the ALSA sources for the usb driver.

I am wondering what the emuk1 discussion is all about? Little did I know that there is quite a problem with soundcard drivers on Linux. A fine example of professional quality for affordable price.

If ALSA project devs have datasheets for various soundcards but are not motivated enough to add even basic playback, then I am not sure on what grounds do we all stand. A desktop system with Fedora 12 exhibited none of the networking-related problems Become a Site Supporter and Never see Ads again!

Other than that – it should be fine with latest ALSA. It is either a mistake or hsb you need some linxu outside of the standard Ubuntu Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. 00404 been years since I rolled my own kernel But in 96khz, jack inputs had the gain problem.

EMU USB Audio Interface driver support : linuxhardware

Can be an Alsa issue? Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Join Date Apr Beans Searching on the Internet at that time revealed that work is on the oinux and that some day support would be added.

To implement the basic feature of playback at Hz sample rate this particular developer said he needs three working days 21 hours which are to be paid a certain amount of pounds an hour. And, once more, I am not targeting ALSA developers, I am just amazed that the vibrant free software community cannot find a way to add support for soundcards, datasheets for which are provided by the company.


If you’re a Microsoft driver person reading this, props to you my friend. No registered users and 0 guests.

Some time after that they commented that they managed to reproduce the BSOD. Some of them, though, will probably be usable on Linux only many, many years from now.

Well, I decided to give Fedora 12 a try, and, surprise! So, all it took was to wait 7 years soundcard was released inalong with driver data sheets provided to the community. Pointed them to the online driver location hidden on manufacturer site.