Please I would like some help. I find Vista much better than XP, and definitely worth the upgrade. I really need it…what to do? Yes you will have to call them to setup warranty service. I only had this computer for about month, and the problem would only show about 2 times every so month. This may be related to something that Apple’s “Bonjour” network discovery services does — even if you haven’t installed any Apple product. Blue lights blink for a sec and nothing.

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I had the hard drive replaced within months of purchasing it. Now Im stuck with it. I have a hp personal storage drive as well can we put aponther operating system on that like xp or vista and have two os doing things for us. I have to say thanks to HP, I did have a good experience with them standing by their product even though mine was out of warranty, but it was a lot of hoops to jump through. Complain to HP Support until they replace your battery.

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No screen blackout, but wireless dropping out and overheating. He refused to transfer my call or give me the title of etehrnet supervisor or senior adminstrator and when I insisted that he give me the title not the name of the ethernett administrator so that I could contact the person myself through the corporate office, he told me he had no idea who his boss was.

The only way i connect to the internet is through an ethernet connection. Press F1 to Continue. He refused to consider that some or all of this service charge should be absorbed by HP even though he acknowledged that the problem was similar to other products they have recalled.


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I stumbled upon your blog this morning while ethdrnet for help with my 18 month old HP Pavillion dvus laptop. Good thing my credit card extends the 1-yr warranty to 2-years.

I bought a wifi card, but it only works in certain areas in my home. Just wanted to let you all know about this.

I actually no longer own an HP notebook I used to have a Compaq until December of last yearand own an Acer notebook now. After calling HP and going through the diagnostics routine with their reps, they advised me to ship it back for repair. I bought a dv and a foreclosure in June. However, if you live in the US, you can use their Live Chat on their website to get them to set it up. I rarely turn off the computer fearing I can not get it started when I push the start button.

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Exactly 2 hours after I hung up with the tech, the checkerboard display issue happened again. LEDs light, blank screen, no boot etc.

Just cant see it!. So, after doing the hibernation strategy for 2 months the thing will not restart normally at all.

Yesterday, I went to turn on my laptop, and it would not proceed even to the boot screen — the fan would spin for a second, the cd room would cycle, and then ehternet would restart the whole process again. My friend just bought a hp pavilion dv laptop today, and there is no display or anything that comes up on the screen.


Remove the battery and AC adapter from the notebook. Even the slightest of movement and the dvd drive pops out, so i have to set it on a table to watch a movie. I removed the battery, the problem is still the same. However, if the cause of the problem is the hard drive, it may be impossible to recover your data and corrupt hard drive data recovery etherneh very expensive.

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers for the graphics card? Just let you know i got in touch with HP today and they said my laptop did qualify as one that had the problem and they are sending a box to send it back They said there be no charge to repair.

My other problem is that I purchased this laptop in the US but I reside in the Caribbean at the moment and the warranty is only valid in the US, so no local agents can help me.

I had the same problem with my hp dv Just email the latest. So i do and it just repeats the same thing.