Image File Format Selector All data that is not saved to flash Abort Macro Pdf Entry Usb Host Parameters NOTE When changing USB country keyboard types the digital imager scanner automatically resets and issues the standard startup beep sequences. Signature Capture Jpeg Quality Host Character Time-out SSI Interface 6 – 11 Host Character Time-out Parameter EFh This parameter determines the maximum time the decoder waits between characters transmitted by the host before discarding the received data and declaring an error.

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Scan the Begin New Rule bar code on page Advanced Data Formatting 11 – 23 Message Containing A Specific Data String Use this feature to select whether the formatting affects data that begins with a specific character or data string, or contains a specific character or data string.

Symbol DS6707 Product Reference Manual: Symbol Native Api (snapi) Status Handshaking

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Note that the scanner can still decode the Set Defaults parameter bar code.

Image Capture Autoexposure Aiming 2 – 6 Symbol DS Digital Imager Scanner Product Reference Guide Aiming Hold the digital imager scanner between two and nine inches depending on symbol density; see Decode Zones on page from the symbol, centering the aiming pattern on the symbol.

Signature Capture Jpeg Quality For example, scan bar codes 0 and 1 to insert a 0.


Supported Interfaces Configuration via Scan. Programming pad zeros to length 6, send next 3 characters, stop padding, send next 5 characters, adds three zeros to the first send, and the next send is unaffected by the padding.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Before programming, follow the instructions in Chapter 1, Getting Started. Miscellaneous Scanner Parameters Usb Parameter Defaults Chapter 2 Scanning Introduction This chapter provides beeper and LED definitions, techniques involved in scanning bar codes, general sd6707 and tips about scanning, and decode zone diagrams. RS Interface 8 – 11 Check Receive Errors Select whether or not to check the parity, framing, and overrun of received characters.

Ssi Host Parameters This chapter describes each user preference feature and provides programming bar codes for selecting these features.

Gs1 Databar Expanded Image File Format Selector Select one of the following picklist modes for the digital imager scanner: Ascii Character Set For Rs To accomplish this, the I 2 of 5 code must be enabled, and the code must have a leading zero and a valid EAN check digit. Advanced Data Formatting Introduction Patent and Trademark Office.

Trigger Mode – Symbol DS Product Reference Manual [Page 56]

Image Capture Illumination No license is granted, either expressly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise under any patent right or patent, covering or relating to any combination, system, apparatus, machine, material, method, or process in which Motorola products might be used. This feature uses a combination of edge sharpening and contrast enhancement to produce an image that is visually pleasing. The settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are preserved even when you power down the digital imager scanner.


Scanning Sequence Examples Chapter 1 Getting Started Chapter 1 Getting Started Introduction The Symbol DS digital imager scanner combines superior 1D and 2D omnidirectional bar code scanning and sub-second image capture and transfer to provide the best value in a digital imager scanner.

SSI Interface ssnapi – 11 Host Character Time-out Parameter EFh This parameter determines the maximum time the decoder waits between characters transmitted by the host before discarding the received data and declaring an error. For example, to disable the decode aiming pattern, scan the Disable Decode Aiming Pattern bar code under Decode Aiming Pattern on page To turn off the default Auto Aim trigger mode, see Trigger Mode on page Usb Caps Lock Override Glossary – 9 Symbology.