ABCDemo now runs from both cassette and diskette. Most but not all programs are working. Used this for improved AY port modeling. New brazilian Apple2 clone. Haze June 11, Embed this content in your HTML.

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driver matsuyama cf 230 usb to irDA per asus

Made Sega PSG chips start up with register 0x3 selected volume for channel 2 based on hardware tests by Nemesis. BPzeBanshee June 21, Any IC which can be described by a truthtable and a package wrapper can now be entirely described in netlist syntax.

Allow image devices to be configured with a fixed not user selectable piece of software and updated a few options and menu to acknowledge such possibility. I am unsure about the other half. The demo ” core by wamma” is not working properly.

Defaulted bnzabros, hotrod, hotroda, hotrodj, sgmastc and sspirits xaruma in service mode IDmost had some bookingkeeping data still, for example on time stored, or had been blanked out manually leaving corrupt data.


Manuals and connection diagrams mostly in Japanese were also found, interestingly there was an English translation of some bits of the manual which is curious because the game to my knowledge was never released outside of Japan yet the translation refers to Vega by his non-Japanese name caruma Bison.

The music is only emitted from the right channel. Anonymous June 10, Favorite list would error on loading http: Bisboch June 12, Fixed issues with GCC4. Specialy if we render the 3d models of the player 1 and player 2 guns moving based on the user input by still dragging the mouse probably.

Win Drivers Top: Konig Usb 11B

Converted Irem sound into a true device. Changed the Fever Pitch input scheme and artwork layout, since it seems that the game lacks of a gambling or double-up feature.

Da348 see 2 ways to do it: Fixed NE initial state. Fixes various speech glitches. Haze June 14, Optimized drawing for scanline cases.

Mame is doing nothing. Fixes fade-out in Top Landing. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Audio in offroad, offroadt sounds horrible crazyc – Remove quickload, may be handled differently later [O.


Improved the internal layout to represent a realistic control panel, with clickable button-lamps and a coin in. Please Bow Down to Haze. Updated the SVN until July 29, r Thanks for reading and keep up the outstanding work. Added macro library for opamp models. LibRetro is where its at now because it gives the best parts of Mame and great bit games to play too.

Self test doesn’t get much farther yet. Added correct maincpu sd348 to clone Spatter – Spectrum Also added some technical notes. Infinite interrupt service routine loop bug MetalliC Source Changes -m Amazing achievement, amazing post, amazing xs348 popping out among the comments.