Output And Idle Levels Used incorrectly, they can degrade the reading performance or increase the possibility of a decoding error. Remove the plastic from the other side of the strips and affix the base to the wall as indicated in the figure below. Minimum Output Pulse To rapidly configure your point-to-point application:

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Datalogic Dragon D Specifications |

The device emits the beep OK signal. This manual provides all the necessary information for complete mechanical installation and system software configuration. Om Network Connectors For message output format, fragon to chapter 6. Otherwise, the battery charging will occur modifying the LEDs functioning. The stored codes are transmitted to the base station at a later time according to the type of batch mode selected.

Datalogic Dragon D131 – barcode scanner

These substitutions are stored in memory. Point-to-point Reader Layout All cradles used in the network must have different addresses.

Code Family It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Then place it onto the master OMX0 cradle.

Datalogic Dragon D – barcode scanner Overview – CNET

It changes the way the Alt Mode procedure dragoj executed, therefore it should be set as follows: This method is particularly useful when many devices need to be configured with the same settings. In multiple reads per cycle, the ON period is extended so that the device can continue decoding codes until an OFF event occurs.


For each format you must complete the entire configuration procedure: If reading different codes belonging to the same family, information about the last code will overwrite the information about the previous one. Disclaimer Datalogic has taken reasonable measures to provide information in dragkn manual that is complete and accurate, however, Datalogic reserves the right to change any specification at any time without prior notice. If this command is sent for slave cradle with addressthe response is: Extra characters are ignored.

Before entering Sleep mode, the following are verified: You do not need to make a Keyboard Nationality selection. All readers used in the same area must have different addresses. Read the OM restore default code: The device is ready.

Follow the given procedure: Reference notes describing the operation of the more complex parameters are given in dragoon 5.

Datalogic Dragon D131 Manuals

Table of contents Table Of Contents When such operating mode is entered, the trigger no longer enables drqgon reading but is used to retry transmission itself for the number of attempts selected in configuration. For M series readers, sleep state is entered immediately after reading a code and is not configurable.


The master OMX0 can be configured for any interface.

This can happen if there are transmission problems on dragno network either connection or communicationor if the gun has correctly transmitted data to a device not on the network gun configuration error. The resulting effects of this parameter on code reading depend on other related configuration conditions.

OR BY d selecting the last field as variable length if any. This parameter can be used to automatically end data reception from the Host after the specified period of time.

Connect the master correctly configured reader and d311 slave reader to be configured together through two RS serial interface cables and external power supply. If writing beyond the end of line, the display does not wrap automatically.