I select the option to start with windows so I do not forget to do it before running a program that requires rerouting to the USB port. This option is less agressive. UPC-A The last digit is a checksum digit. Select “Modern” style font. Useful with matrix printers. I’ve never felt the need to give anything a negative review until now.

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You can change the default resolution by specifying a new resolution for the image: This will only work if your PC is connected to a network including dialup. Don’t forget to enclose the filename in doublequotes.

RPT – print the report. Language Built in Code Page Supports to take printing in your own language. Output file name is assigned automatically based on input filename. Other forms of this switch are: The human readable characters are added by DOSPrinter dos2uusb bit 1 is 1: This could be very annoying when printing from a full-screen DOS window.

Do not buy it. The complete format is: For example, if DOSPrinter has been initially set to send the reports to a printer and you’d like to change that behaviour to send the reports to email.


Valid barcode characters are 12 digits in the range 0 – 9 Invalid characters are replaced with zeroes. Printfil comes in help even to solve this problem. Today there are still a lot of old good DOS programs perfectly working on modern Windows computers, but they simply cannot directly access USB devices for the reason above.

CODE Checksum character is required for this barcode type.

If dpi not specified the default is How to find the values for n L and n H? The solution is Dark Courier font.

There are two types of fonts: If you are measuring in inches, multiply the inches by to get tenths of mm. I have already paid for the program and they wont send me a new license code. If you provide odd number of digits, DOSPrinter adds a zero at the beginning to satisfy the specification.

PrintFil: DOS to USB printer | LPT1 to USB, PDF, GDI for DOS 2 USB

Force code pagewhich represents the GB charset. Print complex jobs to legacy printers in DMP Print mode including drawings and graphics without going through the Windows driver and without changing the original jobs. Optionally, DOSPrinter inserts a mod 10 checksum character at the end, if bit 0 of flag c is set to 1.


In that case make sure that you haven’t added some extra spaces or line feeds in the file, because DOSPrinter could render this file as an empty page. To make it work, you need to download a plug-in program DOSPrinter.


Delay printing for nn seconds. Download this file for an example of the usage of ESCnN command. Cancel double-width printing one line. The lrinter installs easily, works ok with one exception, and is not difficult to use. Note that you don’t have to insert this ESC sequence in your existing reports.

Could not be bothered arguing. This is useful when the printer driver dos2uusb up with a print-status-monitor window, which a lot of modern printer drivers mostly inkjets do.

The strange behaviour is that they are printing slow, or not rendering some fonts or code pages, or else. The specification requires that the barcode must have even number of digits.