For detailed macOS Ask a question Reset. DisplayLink Driver Version 7. Guess everyone is unhappy that Apple seem t think that they don;t need to be in the enterprise environment. Step-by-step instructions for doing so can be found in our blog post here. I just wish Apple listened more to consumers and understood what us IT professionals have to deal with in a business environment.

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DisplayLink Announces New USB Apple Mac Driver and Showcases at CES

Posted on Mar 30, 2: That’s probably being a bit extreme. DisplayLink Windows Driver Version 8.

Given that Apple is the minority in Enterprise asking to spend additional funding just results in the phase out of apple machines in this environment. I’m not saying DisplayLink is unimportant, only that its failure is not going to come close to killing Macs outside the home.

Also, grab a windows laptop, close the lid and reopen it Stop using cheap garbage docking stations that rely on undocumented APIs and hacks.

Fine for a major release but an item that is intended to be a bug fix should not cease existing use.

It caused my iPad to freak out any time I connected it to anything. I can find no reference to “displaylink” in any of Apple’s documentation.


There will always be the creative business professionals, who will never be satisfied with the limitations of DisplayLink; they always plug into DisplayPort or at least HDMI for the highest possible graphics quality and resolution on their high-end monitors. It seems that the company no longer cares what consumers would like to have but just kind of pull these weird moves like the Read Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters: Mar 30, It worked perfectly with no issues.

Step-by-step instructions for doing so can be found in our blog post here. I would love if they gave people an option and maybe make a usbc Mac and another slightly thicker with more ports.

Functionality such as Ethernet and audio, where implemented, is unaffected. While these all worked and functioned on This is a point release and the max notes do not call out that they are breaking functionality.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Display link is a set of drivers that enable docks to support display, ethernet and other USB ports. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: If this persists it will be interesting to see if Macs survive for anything other than home use.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

All these devices that used to function with a MAC no longer do so. At my company we were using the plugable usbc triple display dock. Idsplaylink outside of corporate enterprise, DisplayLink is nearly nonexistent as far as I can tell.


The final configuration will then be completed automatically when hardware is plugged in.

DisplayLink macOS Software

Please be aware that it is perfectly normal to have your monitors briefly flash black once or more during installation and a reboot may be required to complete installation.

Just push it out and go If you are installing on a Windows Vista system, please use: Try mirroring to a TV These features continue to work as expected in If I were a small non tech focused business meaning a company whose focus is not to engineer or make apps and web products I would never make my office a Mac environment.

If you are installing on a Windows XP system, please use: DisplayLink Driver Version 7.