Dingoo Review Hide similar threads. The dingoo would show the usb icon on the screen for a few seconds then go to the battery icon. Once acquired the file is placed inside of the “GAME” directory and must remain zipped. This problem was originally addressed by the POF custom firmware and later by the official revision v1. Some users have reported that XviD files encoded at x 30fps an MP3 audio stream will playback without any dropped frames.

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Automount Dingoo A I just got a Dingoo a and was horrified to find that my Ubuntu didn’t automount it.

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Partager ce message Lien vers message Partager sur d’autres sites. Files can be added to the Mini-SD card expansion slot. I still cant get the unit to see the megadrive files.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Games would pause for dijgoo split second and this pause never occurred on the same ROM at the same point.

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December 16th, 6. I recommend users purchase their Dingoo A from a shop which offers a return policy in the event of system failure. I got these issues straightened out.


The Dingoo full name Dingoo A is a handheld gaming console that supports music and video playback and open game development. One dingko the problems that game designers have faced in recent years is how to take the hours-long, intensive gaming experiences like Elder Scrolls: Additionally, the homebrew community compiled an unofficial un-bricking tool hack that is universal to all Dingoo A builds.

Outlook – Premium design, fashionable, slim and portable size with comfortable hand grip. But like i said it sounds like a hardware issue with your dingoo. Syncing the Dingoo a to the computer during playback will stop the playback process.

Fireballo Jan 26, Pressing X will display the current track position and pressing X a few seconds later will begin a loop playback process.

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Once this mode is initialized it must be manually turned off or the Dingoo Dintoo must be reset. The LCD screen is bright and the reflective case helps in direct sunlight.

Dingoo A320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator Review

Have to use the wife’s machine when I get home. A majority of what I tried did function as expected. One example would be the placement of the headphone jack. It was released in February and has since sold over 1 million units. Still nothing same events.


Dingoo A320 Review

The glossy finish picks dngoo finger prints instantly and is impossible to keep clean. You might try a recent version of one of the various ‘live’ versions of Linux they run from CD. The last line has a “! Some users have successfully over-clocked the CPU to MHz, while other users were unable to achieve the same results.

A fully functioning unit performs exceptionally well, but I can not ignore the high ratio for problematic directional pads which I have personally experienced. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

The file goes in C: There is no built in method for cheating in any of the official emulators. Some resellers, who buy directly from Dingoo Technologies, are shipping these units unknowingly. Instead of a detailed compatibility list I will talk about each emulator and mention a few interesting or key points.

June 14th, 3. What am I doing wrong?