I recently decided to look at some new club technology. It is way shorter and I really cannot see any improvement. So, innovation may not have made leaps and bounds, but manufacturing technology has got much better over the last 10 years. The shot area in m2 is given. Gx7 X-Metal Nov 21, 98 Comments. Erko Hansar 2 years ago.

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Bruce Knox 2 years ago. I would never have any use for an iron except to use it as a weapon to? 7r 2 years ago. Wait a second, SQ lost because it launched lower? Had a fitting a couple of days ago through Titleist. He said I’d get too much spin with one, when I asked about the tour burner.

With attack angles consistent and assume path and face angle consistencies as wellthe one with more dynamic loft will produce greater spin loft resulting in a lower smash factor. Don Gau 2 years ago. Here is a question that I would consider related to this topic and one I have yet to get a definitive answer to.


Id say that for most people, gripping the club far too firmly is much more likely to be the case than not gripping it firmly enough. Differrnce control of shot and can shape left and right.

TaylorMade R9 Driver Review – Golfalot

This is another great article on MGS. Taylormade has amazing warranty service, within reason. Register a new account. This is why some guys who are versed on new shaft technology would like to have seen R7 performing with a newer [higher improved] shaft! Is newer really better? So the point is that I would be thinking about shafts and flexes before I’d start buying one driver after another.

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

Had to be around May work better in that head. Would I see better results in reshafting the SQ with the speeder, or buying a taylornade M1????

Unless you test like for like then theirs no point. Originally Posted by Booch. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Do you think the thins are because of the sole. There would also be a slight gain in consistency. R9 compared to VR or ? Tighten grip in the through swing. Well…It looks like my wife will be gaming her pink SuperQuad for awhile and the spend the bucks on taylodmade fricken shoes.


If you wish to become an expert in doing picture then Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery from here https: EgdewRich 2 years ago.

Exercise Shape Created with Sketch. Hoping GG will let me take one to the range. But I found it easier to hit than the M1 Until I changed to a fujukura x-shaft. I have the feeling it is more then taylodmade yards. It wasnt a straight win, but the price difference sure dodnt seem validated Ps i own both and between better results with my m1, however, both are beaten by my jdm sldr if the same shaft is used.