Digital audio players Dell products Jukebox-style media players. All of my brother’s DJ’s are still working, including the original one, and he’s got them all over the house. But after hours of trying to figure it out I succeeded once again! All of the firmware updates are easily found if you google search for Dell DJ firmware. I bought strictly because I liked how it looked, and the amount of songs it could hold. Streak Venue Pro Venue.

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Dell Digital Jukebox – Wikipedia

Then it will also allow you to finally install the Dell Playsforsure update Version v. I love how solid and well-built it it looks and feels I even love the cell. You can easily view your song list on the 1. For sound, these are easily comparable to any iPod or far 20vb depending on which set of headphones you match up with them and on how you adjust the custom equalizer option. Is there any way to de-alphabetize everything without having to use it? MP3 files could be dragged and dropped into the player through Windows Explorer.

But del a nice little device. The rechargeable battery of this Dell 20 GB MP3 player, once charged, keeps you entertained for up to 16 hours.

I’m fairly content with my ipod touch. But, the DJ has a funky blue screen, is very user friendly the DJ is friendly, but the MusicMatch software isn’tand it is just about the same as the Ipod. If for any reason this does not work, just install all 3 of DELLS firmware updates but save the latest one called “play for sure” for last. You may also like.


I even found a cool, yet cheap case for it that protects all sides and edges, but also leaves certain key areas accessible like the headphone jack so I can leave my headphones plugged in, put it in my coat pocket with the cord hanging out, and then zip-up the pocket leaving just enough open to string the cord out.

This is a Version 2, which many people complained as having to interface with the proprietary software. I followed the instructions and installed the software before plugging the device in, but found it very difficult to use.

I read a review where they said something like 12 hours, but I don’t know about that – I swear I’m getting up in the hour range with mine. And my final one, which I have now, I’ve had it for two years now.

Or go to the Dell support site and search in there. Kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. Show less Show more. Whereas, the USB interface of this Dell digital media player makes transferring of song easy. In order to sync up you plug in a really odd cable that is sure to wear out someday. So other than my stupid mistakes, the player works great, its long lasting, and holds up pretty nicely against butterfingers l ike me.

*SIGH* I wish Dell would bring back the DJ

So basically you have to plug the end of the USB that hooks to your SJ and let the rest dangle and then plug in the charging pack to the cord, then plug it in. Since then, I’ve had very few problems with the DJ – it has froze on me once – now my only issue with the s ongs is that occasionally 20bb will say I need licensing agreements sell play the Napster songs 20ggb all I do is just download another song from Napster, and it fixes the problem.


Views Read Edit View history. The Musicmatch Jukebox software is used to copy, manage, and transfer music to the Dell DJ while the Dell DJ Explorer allows for the Dell DJ to be used as an external hard drive and provide more intuitive procedures to renaming, reordering, and simply putting songs on the music player by copying and pasting songs from the hard drive into the mp3 player.

Sj details for description of any imperfections. Gang TwangerMar 29, This page was last edited on 8 Septemberat Additional Product Features Battery Type. Dell should have made two separate cables one for hooking to the PC and one for Charging the batt. He’s a diehard DJ fan. If it makes you uneasy buying a product that i s no longer manufactured, then I wouldn’t recommend it; but for me, it was a great deal. Yes, there are things that Dell could do to make it ‘perfect’ but I’m happy with what I have for now!

Extremely easy to use, durable, dll looks nice.

No cost to me at all, which is another thing I love about dell products, excellent warranties.