If so, then you need to replace a new RAM stick. If you have difficulty in uninstalling your program, you can try this award-winning uninstaller. The only time I had a chance to load additional drivers was when prompted for which drive to install to. I had that same card in several iterations of Win2K3 servers, but never as a boot drive. This utility can scan system files to protect them from being altered. Hopefully though, someone has found a solution and can assist. I do remember that you have to match the driver version to the firmware.

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Stick in the floopy and load all drivers – there may be two or more – load them all Setup continues and needs to reboot – pop out the floppy and let it reboot and then put the floppy back in. Saturday, February 7, 9: Before you commit a significant amount of data, practice the server reinstallation process with several drives installed, connected to that controller, and included in the storage pool.

If you’re not sure what programs will be affected, click on the restore point and then Scan for affected programs button to know more. I can’t remember if the drivers I used came form Dell or from Adaptec. When WHS is setup fully you can get rid of the floppy. In most cases, a SYS error is presented in dialogue boxes. So maybe installing those updates can help you fix problems like cercsr6. Knowing now that Device Manager was able to load the driver via Windows Update, perhaps there is a driver on Microsoft.


Run a full virus scan.

Colin If anyone answers your query successfully, please mark it as ‘Helpful’, to guide other users. So mihiport guessing it might be the HDDs.

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Data1.5/6ch did not try the XP drivers, but as Colin mentioned, it’s been my past experience that the Server drivers should work. Before doing so, make sure you back up all of your documents, personal files, pictures, and many other important things. In the result, which appears, click on Windows Memory Diagnostic. When you uninstall a program and are prompted whether or not you want to remove some kind of shared files, you must choose to keep them.

If you’re troubleshooting a Windows problem ceerc errors like cercsr6.

Fix cercsr6.sys Blue Screen Error Quickly

Read the error message carefully to identify if cell gives you any clue on what causes the error. If you have just added new hardware devices like RAM sticks, or printers, please disconnect all these newly added hardware.

Although sata1.5/6cg is working I have a weird problem with transferring files to the machine. In the Window Update panel that opens, click Check for updates first. When it comes to fixing SYS errors, it’s quite important to know when and how your cercsr6.


SYS error messages like cercsr6. Hopefully though, someone has found a solution and can assist. Click settingsin the result which appears, right click on command promptand click Run as administrator at the bottom.

I was hoping to leave drive bay 5 open and when I insert a large sata1.5/6dh drive and it miniprot me I choose backup and when done just pull the drive and put it in the safe?????

It’s a very bad idea to solve cercsr6.

Dell PowerEdge and Dell Adaptec CERC SATA/6ch

I did try the Server drivers from the Dell website loaded onto a flash drive; no luck there. When the computer system fails or relay warning that may affect the system, it will present such a graphic minipprt interface or dialog boxes to attract your attention and need your intervention. Anyone running a similar configuration and where there any issues?

It only happens when transferring files TO the server. Then cwrc and click on the program that uses cercsr6.

The battle wins half if you know when it comes to fixing the SYS error. Before checking your RAM stick, please remove the one that you just added to your computer. If there is any available update, click Install Updates button.