Contax T stripped down for NEX. Of course, “hot” management from within Windows would be terribly nice. It’s not the network switch – I’ve tried three NICs so it’s not that. When WHS is setup fully you can get rid of the floppy. Adventures in vintage lensing. Any suggestions on how to get this controller working would be great.

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Monday, October 20, controlle I was hoping to leave drive bay 5 open and when I insert a large hard drive and it prompts me I choose backup and when done just pull the drive and put it in the safe?????

The card is made by Adaptec, they may have had something. Saturday, February 7, 9: Remove the temporary installation files, you don’t need anything else.

Dell cerc sata /6ch controller manual – Google Docs

You might have to do one or both of this too: I don’t have it configured as a RAID just two gigabyte drives. Dell manage utilities won’t install under non-server operating systems. Also, any drivers required will need to be installed twice; once during the initial graphical portion of the setup, then again during the text-mode portion.


In the end, I moved the drive I intended as the system volume onto one of the motherboard SATA ports and went along my way with the install.

That gives me 5 drive bays to add data. I can’t remember if the drivers I used came form Dell or from Adaptec.

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I have attached a syslog in case anyone needs to see it. Wednesday, March 25, 6: Dll though, someone has found a solution and can assist. It only happens when transferring files TO the server. Also, another thing I found googling is that Linux may need the aacraid driver to read the drives.

Answer the prerequisites checking question, of course you have already done that, right! A question of cameras. Remove From My Forums. So i’m guessing it might be the HDDs. The jesters and the X1. I would say it is not currently compatible.

When WHS is setup fully you can get rid of the floppy. Sign in to vote. I’m going to resurrect this thread because I’m just beginning to undertake the same thing and running into the exact same situation.

I see 6 individual arrays show up while the computer is booting so the computer does appear to be correctly seeing them.


So, you are left with using the adapter’s BIOS depl tools requiring reboots and having no online functionality.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this .15. I did try the Server drivers from the Dell website loaded onto a flash drive; no luck there. I do remember that you have to match the driver version to the firmware. Zebedee on a Netgear Readynas Ultra x As far as I have tested, you can’t get hold of Adaptec utilities to manage this controller natively. Already have an account?


WHS storage manager works deell when the OS drive is the same size as the biggest drive. How to manage this controller under, say, Windows XP? After about 20 seconds of Mbps transfer speed the speed drops down to 10 or slower Mbps and it takes 4 hours to transfer only a few gigabytes.