From the third drop-down list, select the implementation type that is necessary for your application. To resolve this issue, grant the following privileges on the DB2 owner: Then what is Type 4 XA driver? I know nothing about packages. All Native Java XA:

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JDBC and Non-XA Data Source

eb2 I know nothing about packages. It’s pretty slow so should avoid it if you don’t really need it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

From this point onward, the steps for creating data sources WebSphere Application Server Version 4 differ from the steps for creating data sources of the latest standard version. To create a JDBC provider: You just point to the data sourse and use a connection string and you get back the tables. You are now finished with the primary data source configuration tasks.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. On this properties page specify values for the fields that are grouped under the heading Configuration. A standard protocol for a global jdbbc between one transaction coordinator and several dv2 managers. Navigate to the ndbc page in one of two ways: Refer to this readme file for details on how to set up db perform the required binding.


Hope this helps you. Packages cannot be created in an XA Connection. This content has been marked as final. BalusC k An XA transaction, in the most general terms, is a “global transaction” that may span multiple resources. If your application does not require that connections support two-phase commit transactions, and you plan to use type 4 connectivity, choose Connection Pool Data Source.

Most likely you also do not need to change the native library path or the data source implementation class name. This property is required only if driverType is set to 4. The name of the property is db2. Thank you, Suraj Informatica Support.

Please enter a title. Brian Agnew k 31 Please ensure that the user has permissions to create packages.

DB2 connection problem.

But well, at our customer we mostly need it: Select a JDBC driver from the drop-down list. Log in as the database administrator DBA user.

For additional details on this issue, see the related links. Sign up using Email and Password. Begin by clicking the Custom Properties link that is now displayed on the administrative console page.


This property is not used if driverType is set to 2.

Good explanation on theserverside. That is, a transaction running across say 2 databases. Extended data source properties Use this page to set the extended data source properties for a DB2 database. Log out from the DBA user account.