That, out of respect for the new fly by night, “hollywood”, I wont dive into. Partly because of the media. Start Now at wikibuy. Even as his star rose with unexpected speed, he tried really hard. Only 30 have won 26 times. Carl Edwards has 16 wins in 4 years, that is 4 wins a year!

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick top list of most overrated NASCAR drivers | Autoweek

During Tuesday’s news conference, he admitted that he reached out to Rick Hendrick nearly one month ago to discuss his decision. How did Nascar drivers crash into wall? I was greeted by some career blowhards and click-baiters declaring that they would have Earnhardt on their lists of all-time overrated athletes.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? If you attend almost any race however, you will see that over the last few years the Jr.

He is not the most overrated of all time, not even the most overrated today. Earnhagdt it his fault?

Why is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Listen to Winter Glory, she said it all. And neither was Earnhardt. People have been slinging that sludge at him nearly since the day “Junior” was typed onto his birth certificate. There were some tracks where he was among the top drivers in ability.


Why do conservatives keep watching Fox News even after being laughed at and ridiculed for it? What driver are Dale Jr.

He hasn’t done anything in ovsrrated yet everybody is praising what a great driver he is. Is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. You dismissed this ad.

Is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. the most overrated NASCAR driver of all time? | Yahoo Answers

There I found the roots — and the validation — of my relief. Others questioned if he ever actually loved auto racing at all, portrayed as just another surname coattail rider, a silver-spoon racer, a third-generation also-ran who never lived up to his daddy’s name.

Because of his popularity, he perhaps got more attention than he should have given his performance compared to other drivers, although that being said, he was a very engaging driver and a good spokesperson for the sport.

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Mosr woman, shaking in her Intimidator apparel, told him, “I’ve always wanted to meet your daddy but never have. On Tuesday morning I was jarred out of my slumber not by an alarm clock or a wakeup call. Somehow, amid it all, Junior also became his own man.

I have to say to Winter Glory yes he has the same numbers as Kenseth but no title, I’d give it to Junior in that matchup because Kenseth had the one good championship year he is a little overrated, however there are a lot of drivers racing mst now better than him, he is on the best team in Nascar Hendrick Motorsports so there is no excuse for his mediocrity, he was the worst driver in the chase last year!!


When I read the question Kahne was the first driver to pop in my head.

Is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. the most overrated NASCAR driver of all time?

Since you asked about all time, here are a few that ovegrated praised, but they have little to show for it. BTW here’s that video http: Ask New Question Sign In. Partly because of the media.

Which car is the most overrated in history? He heard it as a grown-up, an accomplished career racer, every time he slipped into a winless drought on the racetrack — even those that were punctuated by tragedy or injury.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t letting anyone down with retirement

Start Now at wikibuy. That never happened to Dale Sr.

What’s the most overrated holiday? Carl Edwards has 16 wins in 4 years, that is 4 wins a year!