If the door’s closed, a microswitch tells the ejector not to do anything. You can’t dial up a new disc without de-ejecting the last one. The software understands multiple Libraries; there’s an “ID” drop-down menu that lets you manually pick which one you’re talking about when you add new discs to the database, and the search functions work across all of them. It appears they have! Do you need to organise a bunch of mm optical discs? This simple little database-and-control package melodiously titled “CD Library DC Application” is what makes the Library worth using.

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Downloading File /Dacal/alpha/Dacal – Dacal CD Library II Linux interface – OSDN

But the location tracking system it uses has no memory to speak of, and also has crummy small-step resolution. The software also does a fair job at thumb nailing images on CDs and indexing content from file backups or music CDs. Well, as long as you don’t have too many hundreds of discs to scan through, that is. All of the discs live in the slots of this turntable. The library software allows you to setup users and allow users to check adcal discs and set reminders.

The Dacal Technology DC CD Library is a motorised disc carousel gadget which can deliver any disc to your hand in a few seconds.

Dacal DC CD library USB Drivers

It’s alleged to be compatible with all Windows flavours from Win98 up. After clicking next a few times, I find a new icon on my desktop. You get a paper directory booklet with the Storage System, with numbered boxes to fill in.


No 78mm baby-discs or laserdiscs, please, but everything else just drops in. If not, then move along. You can also attach free-form Remarks to disc listings. But if daval got enough discs to fill one or more Libraries, then they may be just what you’ve been waiting for. And you can’t make the CD Library network accessible. About Certified and certifiable. Apart from Libraries being straight-out smashed when a totem pole of the things falls over, the Library design also won’t stop discs from falling out of their slots if you tilt the carousel drastically, and that could get ugly fast.

Speed How long the Library takes to deliver the disc you’ve asked for depends on where it starts and where it’s going. Seeking from slot to slot 30, however, required a 1.

Dacal Technology DC-101 CD Library

There’s a keylock as well, by the way, which is about as secure as the keylock on every other disc box out there. This is, essentially, just a fancy storage box.

You’re expected to use the USB cable, and the database software. And if you leave it running all the time, it will eventually fail. The Library comes partially assembled, ubs it’s easy to attach usn lid and sliding door – if you want to fill the System up quickly, it’s easier to do so with the lid off, anyway. Given that you’re dacao likely to have a whole Mb on every disc, it’s fair to say that a “Gb” hard drive whose real formatted capacity will be below Gb will give you comfortably more storage.


And, most importantly, if you don’t already have your facal on CDs, this option puts quite a lot of disc-burning in your future. You can’t dial up a new disc without de-ejecting the last one. And it’s not what you’d call super-portable. The turntable then turns clockwise, fairly quickly, to the slot before the one you asked for, and then advances slowly to line up that one slot.

Both of the above options have disadvantages, of course. And, of course, you can manually scroll through listings sorted by different fields, or search vacal database to find the one you’re after. Read more from ReviewSoftware.

The software also has a self-test mode that causes the Library to do random seeks over and over. A single Library can only hold discs. Go for writable DVDswith 4. If you put a high value on your time then, again, burning scores of DVDs will cost you a great deal more.

So I continue on with the trial. If the door’s closed, a microswitch tells the ejector not to do anything.