I also had issues with my SB live value on linux, where the bass had major distortion. System76 Lemur Ultra Xubuntu Platinum with the front panel. I have a SBLive 5. Also there were problem with detection of SB – they were fixed in alsa 1. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

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Creative Labs SB Audigy rev 04 In any case, once the card goes into surround40 mode, the sound is controlled as follows:. I’m using PCM output via Hoontech digital out addon card.

Now it works well! I bought an audigy4 later, hoping it would fix the problems.

You can capture PCM output this can be your problem. You are able to route analog signals and stereo wave to center and rear speakers using Surround, Center, LFE, Front controls.

The particular keyboard is an Evolution MK which comes with a midi-gameport cable which also provides power. This is a weird problem I’ve been having since I started using Linux Mandrake 9.



The fix for this is Can’t really understand what happens. I am now writing a so-called “loader” called ld10k1, that should read binary files generated by as10k1 and load them onto the card, doing the necessary “relocation” to pointers and GPRs. If you have different names for your mixer do a ‘amixer scontrols less’ and choose the appropriate names.

I tried to touch every control in alsamixer or gamix, but nothin works. I had to modify, slightly, the as10k1 program too.

Test for Card

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. If so please could you not drop me a mail and tell me how you’ve done.

Stereo and 4 channel mode are OK. They don’t even show up in the alsamixer. Does anyone know what I have to adjust to get the LineIn signal on all 5 or 4 speakers?

I have also tried installing the alsa-driver 1. The card is supposed to be able to do kHz stereo, but I suppose that’s not yet implemented in the emu10k1 driver? Lunux 2 ZS thanx pro. Filiprino Standby issues?

HOWTO: Audigy 2 ZS

I have a audigy2 zs and had problems to audogy sound with 2. You can check at all is working or not as expected with: Can it be that what is missing is a “wakeup soundcard” command in my resume script? Creative Labs SB Live!


Doom3 – the routing needs to be fixed: Also, check out the Creative Open Source page for information regarding other models of Creative soundcard, eg. The time now is Easiest solution is to. Don’t forget to unmute and turn up the “Music” slider number 19 of the emu10k1 mixer.

SoundcardsWithHardwareSynth – Community Help Wiki

I can’t find any linuz to control the overall “Master” volume. Could I encode my own ac3 stream on the fly and send that to the receiveror is it too much number chrunching? Thanks for all who can help!