I’ve got most things as I want it, but I’d love to install Photoshop on Linux. As the years unfolded I noticed more and more some of the tactics that MS was using upon the world, monopolies, back door deals, questionable take overs of minor companies, propaganda based marketing, intellectual property copies and in the end, charging the regular “joe blows” of the world to much money for an operating system. Hello Everyone, My name is Anupam. Switched over a while ago, but the wireless adapter I was using didn’t work. Everything just worked, the interface looked gorgeous [yes Unity is still a little raw but its beauty and simplicity rock] the default apps were sensational Thanks to Ubuntu though I completely switched to linux and love every minute of it; I now use natty narwal with classic desktop.

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So I jumped in head first.

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Datron pl5c notebook XP Driver indir hepsi. Mines been up for hours and no help. I spread the word as often as i can and i’m dumbfound crew to why some people just will not give up Windows, why oh why spend all that hard earned money. One click and an ISO later and that vicious cycle started again.


I was asked if I had a choice what I could be reincarnated as, what would that be My name is Kromgol and i recently decided to try out Linux again, but unfortunately not Ubuntu as i crex now sit with Arch Linux which suits my needs better. I am creea Ubuntu Please forgive my rudeness. After a couple days I made a choice to release myself from the strangle hold of Microsoft and try to go totally Ubuntu!

I’m Duke by the way: Welcome to the forum, Gotback. Can anyone tell me the best way?

I need help and offer..

Been using Ubuntu I am a strong supporter of the Unix philosophy, and I wish certain projects such as gnome nnu4-14e adhere to it more closely. I’m completely newbie o linux. Sure hope I enjoy my stay here and my greetings to all of you!

Anyways, I’ve been a Linux over sinceI guess.

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My name is lindisrose and after a good 2 years of stalking and using this board to troubleshoot and enhance my own knowledge of Ubuntu, I signed up. If it weren’t specifically for two items, I would likely be able to live on Ubuntu alone and rarely have to launch my W7 VM. There’s a lot of channels about check them out https: I haven’t given it any consideration until last month, when my Windows was starting to go AWOL on me rebooting constantly, slow at starting up, etc. Loving it so far but running into a few problems.


My thanks to all the helpers and moderators in the forums.

Crea Nb-23 Driver Indir

D I am Linux user I think it’s the best way to get involved, learn and improve. I gotta say I love the system, never had any major issues with it, and the ny4-14e art direction is just awesome.

Im new to this forum. Download drivers for Creative Audigy 2, Audigy. At the moment I speak basic Japanese, Spanish and Latin.

I was running Windows 7 Enterprise, but I got tired of it so I decided to give I’ve moved your thread into the Introductions sticky. I’m hoping I can get all of the tablet functions working under Ubuntu so I can get rid of Windows permanently.

Finally picked up a wireless card that worked with Ubuntu, so switched over immediately. I play a lot of guitar.