If you type 1, 3, the command file is inserted into page 1, page 3, and pages 5 through Color Options in Color Mode let you choose how the printing system processes color matching for a print job. You can save the list of Custom boxes created in the previous section onto your personal computer or network. Instructions for using this method for manual duplex printing are below. This option is enabled when Cover mode is selected in the Publishing tab. QS- TradeMark Disclosure: Proceed to step 7.

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Find and select the printer URL and click Next. Print Quality 1 From the Print dialog box of the application, click Properties. The printing system fonts are listed in the Available device fonts list.

For example, specifying tray 5 sends the printed document to tray 5. This is useful when you want KX Driver Layout to add extra margin space to the page for staples or hole punches. If selected, the background is the most visible part, copystarr an outline around the text which makes the text appear white. Auto Configure Device settings feature that queries a printing system through the network and automatically retrieves settings for optional devices, memory, and RAM disk. This option ensures that the job will print, only when verifying that the selected login user name is saved in the driver.


Kyocera CopyStar CS MultiFunction Printer-Copier (Optional: Scanner, Fax)

When you choose the media type, a source cassette matching that media is automatically selected. The Poster feature allows you to increase the print size, print portions of the document on several sheets of paper, then assemble the sheets into a large banner, up to 25 times larger than the original document.

For restrictions see Finishing chapter. This feature places hole punches along the edge of the printed pages, so that the pages can be bound together or placed in a binder. The selection list contains four standard watermarks: If Auto is selected, the pages will be arranged from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. HSL lets you adjust the full spectrum, brightness, contrast, and vividness of the color.

Add Profile Follow these steps to create a new profile. Use this feature to print a document in a large, eye-catching poster format, up to 25 times larger than the original document size.

Kyocera CopyStar CS-2550 MultiFunction Printer-Copier (Optional: Scanner, Fax)

The horizontal bracket above the upper color bar shows the part of the color bar affected by the adjustment. Download as bitmaps Bitmap downloading fopystar more detail, however it creates large file sizes. Prompt for box number If this option is selected, at print time the driver asks for the box number and password. This is useful if the application provides its own color correction.

Operation panel The keys and display on the printing system.


Select Proof and hold. Frequently, the application settings are given priority, causing a change in the sorter output method depending on the application.

This is the language used by your computer to tell the printing system how to print a document. Custom box jobs are saved to boxes cooystar are assigned to users, and can be restricted copystae password. A page will be inserted between the page number you entered and the page before it. Select under these circumstances: Installing The Hard Disk option The number of document copies must not exceed the number of trays. A list of available network printers appears.

For color printers, this option is only available when printing in monochrome mode. Cover Copstar, Page Insert, and Transparency Interleaving This section describes the Cover mode, Page insert, and Transparency interleaving features of the printer driver. Printer Board Pcb First page only The security watermark prints only on the first page of the document. To generate a status page, select this option from operation panel.

Printing on Paper of Copstar Sizes To use custom sizes of paper in your printing system, you must first define the custom paper sizes in the Properties dialog box.