With vlc, sometimes it works fine, other times it stops at random points without warning. Can anyone help me to make it work in Libreelec? I was using Let’s check the audio with ffplay or avplay:. I have several questions that I hope someone can help me with.

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New USB device strings: Slow the video player down to make sure you are seeing the actual recorded video. Can anyone help me to make it work in Libreelec?

[kubuntu] UBU and cxxx not working

Thank you crazycat for your answer. Let’s check the audio with ffplay or avplay:. With unstable video sources, like VHS, it is up to the software to make sense out of the garbage that is produced by this adapter. How do I set up linux to open the video0 device so I can watch tv?

I read something in a post that intrigued me, conexxant I haven’t been able to find any more details. I’m not sure how to combine the two in ffplay. So it appears that the issue is the unstable signal from the VCR. That is why I bought the Astrometa T2Hybrid, that has a directshow classic filter and also analog in.


Using the Hauppauge USB-Live2 with Linux

Just throwing it out there to get things started. Mentions that dropped frames still happen. See Bttv devices bt, bt I know that I’ve done this successfully with Windows and Adobe Premiere. By Ted Felix November Jetzt im Play-Store herunterladen!

CONFIG_VIDEO_CX231XX: Conexant cx231xx USB video capture support

Seems that some of drivers conexxant but modules are not loaded automatically. Perhaps it is passing them on to vlc and ffmpeg who then behave differently when faced with bad input.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Had a “Linux compatible” label on the product site, but with license issues. When evaluating recorded video for frame drops, beware of drops caused by the video player.

That makes frame drops easy to see. I use my set-top cable converter box instead of running my old VCR and wearing out tapes while testing. If you are using a graphical package management program, it is possible that the progress bar will remain stuck at a low percentage while installing because of that, simply let it run.


ALSA driver with improved support for Conexant chipsets

I think they preserve the standard of the input now. Here’s what dmesg reports about my tv tuner: Remote to Conexantt using SSH first, after that enter those commands: Several of AVerMedia’s saax cards are also well supported.

You can use “lsusb -t” to see how the various devices are arranged on your system’s USB busses:. Join Date Nov Beans 5. With the video apps that come with Ubuntu This goes for any USB video capture device.

There’s a lot of interesting info there, but most important right now is the “Video Standard” section which tells us our device is set for PAL:. November 24th, 2. The motherboard sound hardware is on “card 0” while the USB-Live2 sound hardware is on “card 1”.