Wireless Channel Picking a WiFi channel is not always a simple task. A router, a bridge, an AP? To avail the best signal and network connectivity, make sure you keep your Comstar WAV2 router visibly and not facing the wall or behind the curtains. Second you need to enter a complex Internet Password. If you have this router we could use your help.

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Setup WiFi on the Comstar WAV2

Under that you put in the name of your current SSID. I imagine same CPU speed. Continue reading for detailed step-by-step instructions. There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: So I am doing a little searching this morning on this, yes, fabulous router if that comshar all you want to call it.

Comstar WA-6202-V2 Operation Mode

If you change your channel you need to make sure and only use channels 16or Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning This takes you to a page we don’t have.

No matter what it is called there are several choices in the list. Default username for Comstar WAV2: Open Command prompt -In command prompt type netsh wlan show all You will see a list of all wireless networks and the channels being used in your vicinity.


Or you can use our free software called Router IP Address. Save your changes before leaving that page.

This takes you to the page you see here. Options are great in the menu – everything you need! The Comstar WAV2 has a web interface for configuration.

If comstsr did not see your router’s ip address in the list above. You may want to follow our guide called How To Reset your Router.

Possible Problems when Changing your WiFi Cokstar After making these changes to your router you will almost definitely have to reconnect any previously connected devices. Click this link to learn more. Under wireless basic settings, set the unit to AP mode and at the bottom check the switch for Universal Repeater Mode. We have a large list of Comstar Passwords that you can try located here.

Most commented news last week [78] Wednesday Morning Links [45] Grab that coffee! Trying to install as what? The SSID at the top can be unique so that you know where you are connecting to. Of course that model would not be listed First you cokstar to choose the Security Method or Encryption Type. You should see a dialog box pop up asking your for your Comstar WAV2 username and password. You will now be taken to the login page where you can enter default username: You are now logged in!


To login to Comstar WAV2 router and change the network name and password, Start with opening your favorite browser,then in the address bar enter the IP Address http: You should almost definitely pick WPA2 for your networks encryption. Most Active Forum Topics this wa-620-v2 Press the reset button with a pin or something that gets comstxr the tiny hole, and hold it for about 15 seconds! Comstar runs faster anyways.