Why not use our practical Contact Form. Lower the paper stand to horizontal position making sure that the two holders on both sides are correctly inserted into the corresponding slots. It is now useful to test, if the printer has been correctly installed. This printer is designed for versatile and reliable paper handling. Troubleshooting In case a paper jam condition occurs, proceed as follows:

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Unsubscribe at any time. They must cover the whole grooved area, otherwise the printer will not accept the passbooks.

Compuprint MDP 40 B | Discontinued Products | Compuprint MDP Series

Selects the passbook width setting mode. How to set the bottom margin to 34 lines: How to set the form length to 82 lines: Close the printer cover. Make sure that both the host compuuprint the printer are turned off. Table Of Contents Parallel Interface Fill in the marker corresponding to the value you want to set and reinsert the sheet into the printer.

Remove the cartridge from its bag. Selecting setup the width of the passbook is set by the user in the menu or by means of a software command. Leds When using the other protocols, these leds are disabled. Printer Compuprint Z03 User Manual serial 62 pages. Multiple ways of payment Choose the payment method which is most convenient for you.



The values set in the configuration setup are reset to factory default values. Don’t show me this message again.

For this purpose print the self test page as follows. Always use a grounded outlet.

Always keep the packing material in a safe place as you must repack the printer into it, when you need to move it. Don’t have an account?

Registration was easy to do and quick to complete. When the Printer Setup Forms have been filled in, insert them back into the printer. The printer is able to recognize the Setup Forms by means of the markers on these pages.

Turn the printer off and on again. Never remove compupriint printer part unless it is expressly indicated in this manual. Installing The Paper Stand 1. The trademarks used on our website are used solely for the description of products. The documents must cover the whole grooved area, otherwise the printer will not accept the paper.


Holding the paper stand oblique insert the hooks into the printer clefts. Page 15 Push the cartridge onto the print carriage until it clicks into place. If more than one value is set for a parameter, the printer ignores these parameters and maintains Do not fill in the marker beside the title of the preprinted form, otherwise the printer will not be Do not use pencils. Turn the tension knob in the direction of the arrow to tighten the ribbon. The operator panel is located on the front left side of the printer and is composed of function keys and leds with which you can easily check the printer status and select the functions as described below: To print the manual completely, please, comluprint it.


Dimensions Form width Form length Distance between dot position and left or right paper edge Distance between top of the first printed line and top margin of the document Distance between the lower margin and the lower part of the last printed line Weight Thickness Copies By jdp ‘print’ button you will print only current page.