This website uses cookies. The following commands will build Zaptel and its modules:. Add the following lines to the end of your rules file:. The complete software appliance distribution is provided under the GPL and may legally be used for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. Note that you do not have to use the v switch if you do not want the system to provide detailed output of what is going on.

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This section walks you through a standard installation and introduces some of the alternative make arguments that you may find useful.

Select the checkbox next to the hard drive s you want to use for your system. Twenty GB is a realistic minimum, but the minimum space zaptell dependent on the needs of the system you want to create. Two programs installed along with Zaptel are ztcfg and zttool.

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The following error may be encountered during initialization of the configure script if the libtermcap-devel package is not installed:. If you just want to install all of the above packages in one go, you can specify more than one package on the command line, e. For the purposes of this procedure, Express Installation is discussed. Contents of the additional prompts are located in the sounds-extra.

The Debian equivalent of chkconfig is update-rc. Required to compile zaptel, libpri, and asterisk. The zttool program can be used to check the status of your installed hardware. Bring your PBXware functionality on a smartphone wherever you go. If you lack the PCI hardware required to provide timing, the ztdummy driver can be used as a timing device. The Debian equivalent of chkconfig is update-rc.


These commands will extract the packages and source code to their respective directories. The configuration of Zaptel drivers will be discussed in the next chapter. Asterisk makes use of this hardware, but any other software can also make use of the Zaptel hardware and drivers.

dahdi / zaptel & x86_64

The make distclean command is used to remove the compiled binaries and to clean the source directory back to its original state after being extracted from the compressed archive. Keep All Partitions You should choose this option if you want to retain all of your current data and partitions.

Asterisk uses this interface to communicate with the Linux kernel, where the drivers for the hardware are loaded. This has changed the build process slightly, but has given more flexibilty to control what cmopile are being clmpile at build time.

In addition to the executables, make clean also removes the intermediary files i. I used zaptel on the past, and dahdi now.

Compile-install Zaptel (DHADI) and Asterisk | Asterisk FreeSwitch guides

While Asterisk and the other related packages run on Linux 2. Modules that have XXX in front of them are missing a package dependency which must be satisfied before it will be compil to be built.


It could just as easily be 2. Skip to main content. You may also encounter these errors zxptel the power has not been attached to the Molex connector found on the TDMP card. The Future of Telephony 2nd Edition for Asterisk 1. Finally, there do exist basic, precompiled Asterisk binaries that can be downloaded and installed in whatever Linux distribution you have chosen.

Compile/install Zaptel and Asterisk | Asterisk FreeSwitch guides

Since Asterisk supports several different audio formats, these packages can be obtained in a number of different sound formats, such as G. You may not have to actually edit anything in your system, as the Zaptel installation script will try to install the rules for you; however, we have left this here as a reference for those systems that are not automatically configured.

Each initialization script has several options that can be utilized to control the PBX or the drivers. By using this website, you consent to the use of these cookies.

Compkle Zaptel Modules Without Scripts.