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Mainly that few applications showed a performance advantage when given 2. I will now ask you a favor, do you have the drivers for Compaq Presario C, Product number: I really need to try 5GB because I run win7 64bit, and I get hang-ups when reaching my 3GB max running background programs like ad-guard.

How to Enter the Boot Menu for an HP Compaq Presario

Kalau xjadi try guna driver ni. Hi again, So, I’ve done my research tonight and i got few solutions.

Black-x January 2, at 4: Anonymous January 19, at 9: You’re welcome and I’m glad you got the issue sorted out. Anonymous February 20, at 5: I have Compaq Presario C win 7, I have a lot of problems lately.


Compaq Presario C700 Upgrades And Facts!

The issue is most probably the microcode. Another bit of bad news is that regardless of the memory module configuration and capabilities, the BIOS configures the memory controller for MHz timing.

Anonymous March 24, at 5: We can tweak this later if we have stability issues. Message 6 of HP Compaq C motherboard schematics. Core0 reports 23’C no matter what. Try again run Windows 7 Install.

Computer and IT Technical Tips: Compaq Presario C Series CTU XP Drivers

To get the hardware id you can refer to my tutorial here: Which I found surprising. Card reader c for windows 7: Certainly, could you let me know either the full Model No.

This is Orlando and I own a C laptop, C to coompaq specific. The install the drivers i provide above.

Black March 12, at Estos controladores son para win7 32bits o 64 bits o ambos? Waqasyaqub October 25, at 5: The hardware ID show 2 things, the chipset wasn’t fully installed or the system is missing the core files for audio. Message 10 of Temperature sensing just doesn’t seem to work right. Anonymous February 26, at 3: To do that just simply visit this site: Do you already have an account? Safe mode on the other hand disable most of the program and unwanted background service so that is why you can make connection in safe mode.