The Freeman Center the college gym may seem nice at first, with a wide variety of equipment, however it is way too small. The best advice I can give is to stay away. If you are not totally conservative, white, Christian, and rich, you will have a tough time making friends. The construction can be a pain but overall its the only thing I can think of that is negative. Enrollment in classes is decided by your year and whether or not you are in the President’s Leadership Program. You’re all caught up. Academics is rigorous and plentiful of clubs and organizations to participate or volunteer in.

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I am very interested in applying for next year. They found him guilty of two counts of aggravated involuntary manslaughter and three counts of maiming by DUI. The course it taught by University police and other certified RAD instructors. It is a comprehensive course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, and progresses to the basics of hands-on defense training.

Evans, 35, is charged in the deaths of Kimberley Brin, 17, and year-old Sierra Smith. All of the negative aspects of CNU surfaced as the year progressed, no matter how hard I tried to enjoy myself.

Preparing for college is a difficult time for every student and it? The food was never fully cooked at the dining halls which resulted in food poisoning and I had to resort to eating off campus.


Niche User 7 months ago Overall Experience Report. This creates the problem of drunk driving, and unfortunately a student was killed by a drunk driver studenys the first semester.

Christopher Newport University

When applying to colleges, Christopher Newport University was originally my safety school, so I never truly considered it to be an option for my future. I will start with the students. What do you consider the worst thing about your school? The legal limit in Virginia is 0.

Crime Prevention Programming – University Police – Christopher Newport University

I live an ocean away from home so the small campus and community environment is exactly what I needed. The CNU police literally stalk students at night on campus to stop them for “suspicious behavior. I found that it was more fun to stay in my dorm and watch a movie then sstudents go to a CNU party.

Great campus, good food, caring professors and overall great school. While allowing better interaction with the professor and improved class discussions, it makes getting into specialized classes very competitive.

These bicycles are often found in various states of disrepair, are cnuu parts or rusted, and are usually found to be studenrs. It is all Southern style with extra grease and oil. A recent graduate of my high school currently attends and highly enjoys it. The new library is similarly massive and ostentatious, with a massive dome and huge marble atrium emblazoned with our president’s name in rrunk golden letters.


This program is usually conducted during June and July, and we send email messages to all faculty, staff and students as a reminder. They do not see all the underlying awful things CNU has to hide.

Parking is not the best if you are commuting from off-campus housing. As a tour guide, the absolute, most frequently asked question I got wa The most popular activities all involve drinking, smoking, and partying, and of course for the males, gearing themselves for scoring with drunk freshmen drnuk.

I would not recommend coming to CNU to my worst enemy. It can mean an extra semester, or even an extra year here, in some cases. There is a lack of cultural diversity and individuals who can really think studsnts of the box. However, I know that the school is only trying to improve. The jury recommended that Evans spend 26 years behind bars.

Overall, a great experience.

Crime wise, it isn’t studfnts safest place around. I would say on of the worst things about CNU is people do not take advantage of the resources, such as the activites put on. The screams of one of the passengers rang out behind her, she said.