These images have been re-compressed for easier downloading, but are otherwise unmodified. The processor manages to be both fast and energy efficient, an ideal balance for mobile devices. The camera is best suited to partly sunny day shots and well lit indoor locations. If you’re a power user intending to install several 3rd party programs, invest in a Mini SD memory card. Certainly if you want to use the MP3 player to its fullest or store videos on the , you’ll need a card. PDA-mode battery life, at 8 hours 41 minutes of use, was also excellent. Like all Windows Mobile devices, the phone comes with Messaging the e-mail component of Outlook Mobile.

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What to expect from Apple in 7: You never have to hunt for the buttons, or deal with hitting more than one.

Of the 64 megs of flash ROM which functions similarly to the hard drive on your computer But in my tests the managed 8 hours of use for PDA functions, and an absolutely whopping ten cinguar of talk time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, means power anywhere and everywhere.

How to cut the cord like a pro 3: Ninja’s coffee maker brews well in many ways 1: EDGE speeds, at an average of 80k on the Cingular network in our area, make web browsing bearable if not pleasant. Visit our network of sites: Great display, good camera and it’s expandable via Mini SD cards. Bluetooth is rock solid on theand it offered reliable connections to the headsets we tested such as the Plantronics DiscoveryMotorola H and the Cardo Scala The device is responsive in most all tasks including viewing MS Office documents, browsing the web, moving from screen to screen and launching applications.


Voice quality is good, but not as good as the CingularNokia and Nokia on Cingular.

Cingular 2125 Windows Smartphone Review

As a Windows Mobile 5. And while voice tags are very accurate, you must take the time to record them. We were disappointed that no IM cibgular was built in.

Unless you only intend to use the built-in applications and even then, no media or downloaded filesyou will emphatically need a MiniSD memory card.

Once you adapt to the interface, the device really can do more than you expect out of a stripped down OS. These services, like Opera Mini and Google Mobile, reformat web pages for more comfortable viewing on a cingulqr screen, as well as reducing the download size of the page.

Cingular 2125

The system claims 16 MB of Storage is available, but in the default configuration the user only gets about 11 of that.

The comes with a set of cheap earbuds that include an attached microphone, so that you can also use 2215 as a headset. You can save your photos or videos to the phone’s internal memory or to the memory card.

Pile of cats in a chair indoors, 88 KB. Also, since 2152 strength varies, so will talk time. If you choose the keypad, you have the option of either the standard cell phone input—where you continue pressing a given button to select between the various letters it represents—or T9 predictive text input.

It ran quite well, though there were a few times when it would display a black screen, and I would need to move to another application and then back to Opera in order to cure cingulr. EDGE for good download speeds. It does close off specialty connection cables such as for serial devices, but these are so uncommon these days as to be for all intents and purposes a niche item.


Cingular – Review – PCMag UK

The phone syncs easily to MS Outlook on Windows desktops using the included USB cable, does a very good job of handling email including Exchange, and has a web browser that beats non-smartphone competitors and gives recent Vingular Nokia phones such as the a run for their money. Communication The is fully equipped out of the box to connect to almost any Bluetooth device, although the most popular option will of course be a Bluetooth headset.

In fact it’s the same one used in the phone’s big Pocket PC phone brother, the Cingular Volume is more than enough, through decent headphones as well. The has high end call cignular such as a Bluetooth Hands Free support, a speakerphone, vibrate, support for call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, and network selection if not blocked by Cingular.

The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing Like all Cingular Bluetooth-bestowed offerings, the phone supports DUN dialup networking for those who wish to use the as a wireless modem for a Bluetooth enabled notebook or PDA.

Since the lack of a camera is the only difference, the contents of this review are also applicable to the