OSX Compatible USB Inspection Scope Webcams A wide selection of Mac compatible webcams ideal for engine and mechanical parts inspection, and digital scope cameras for physical assessment, or other hobby, business and industrial needs are available. Vantage 10X Hand Magnifier. Other Items In This Category. A surprising number Apple computer users in specific medical, educational and industrial work environments are in the market for OSX compatible USB digital microscope products. Algal cell at X.

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It will also allow you to ask if you can still get a new one even if it is out of warranty. You may have a defective microscope that does not work with the MAC and needs to microscoep replaced.

Posted 21 September – Please log in to reply. CMOS Eyepiece tube compatibility: A surprising number Apple computer users microscopr specific medical, educational and industrial work environments are in the market for OSX compatible USB digital microscope products. I contacted the vendor where I purchased the microscope, American Science and Surplus.

Celestron Digital Microscope Imager

Your Mac will automatically recognize the microscope, so you won’t need to use the included CD which only has Windows software. Not Telling Local time: Pocket Illuminated Microscope, X Zoom. I will post how it works out Best Regards Nawtheasta. Kidney glomerulus at X. Beyond that, since you more than likely have exhausted their help, we can now see if there is anything we can do.


Trying to get my Celestron Microscope ,model #44302-A to work on New IMAC

Yes, Celestron sent a new microscope. Thinking about their statement about a compatabity issue possiblly the older microscopes had a incompatable hardware issue? If you use Mac OS Version Celestron Professional Stereo Zoom Microscope. Chromebook users can use the native Camera App in Chrome to take pictures. Digital Microscopes For Mac Comptuers A broad range of Mac compatible microscopes are available ranging from low-cost student and consumer-grade products to complete professional quality digital lab microscope celesgron.

No drivers or support were made available from Intel for use on the Apple computers. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or commercial applications. The interactivity of a phone call can sometimes be better than email. Since you have contacted them, then calling them might not help. Vantage ditital Hand Magnifier.

The component is the actual driver that allows other applications to access the video-stream. Mac software for AmScope products called ToupView is available for download here.


Celestron 5MP Digital Eyepiece Microscope Imager ()

Amscope in particular as the leading brand features good Apple support for it’s digital offerings in the diverse medical, dental, pharma, biology, and industrial environments it serves. If you do call them, then mention the message on the webpage. Posted 29 November – I mivroscope mainly trying to determine if that message had somehow appeared since you last contacted them. Click here to Register a free account now!

Maybe a call is in order. You may also need it for webcam image adjustment to control camera brightness, contrast, color saturation and other image enhancements.

Hopefully a new microsope will take care of the issue. Vernier products are designed for educational use. When using your microscope on an Apple Mac comuter with a native imaging program like Photo Booth, the shutter button on the top of the microscope if it has one is disabled.