Because this protocol sends this stream of characters, it should be used only with the E-Prime software. Could OpenSesame collect the responses without the E-Prime? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Good to hear that your first problem is solved. This would typically be done at the time a stimulus event occurs. This makes it the easiest mode to read in user developed software and should be used for Neurobehavioral Systems Presentation which is installed on all paradigm computers. Set both switches for the desired protocol, then press the Reset switch briefly.

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Cedrus Response Pad RB-740

Lotje van der Linden – http: I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this problem. The first character is always “k”. In E-Prime mode, the response box sends a continuous stream of characters at bbox per second.

Is it supported by opensesame? Example Matlab script using XID mode written here. The use of time stamped button responses means that your application does not have to check the serial port so often to get accurate response timing. What is the correct syntax for this I have set the allowed keys to “1;5” on the SR box so, ideally, I would like to limit the duration keypress to those buttons.

Hi Frouke, Although we have no experience in collecting responses using a joystick or gamepad ourselves, other OpenSesame users have successfully implemented this.


Yeah, it’s lame that they say that, because the SR Box will work fine with any type of software that can read from the serial port or the USB port with the USB converter. I use the responsebox “Cedrus RB”.

OpenSesame is among them. Sign In or Register to comment. The final 4 characters give the time of the press or cexrus since the Reaction Timer was last reset in milliseconds. No character is sent on button release.

Bits indicate the port number, in our case always 0. In Presentation mode, also called ASCII mode, the response box sends a single character responsd time a button is pressed. According to the Website of Psychology software tools, this SR Box requires the Software “E-prime”, but we don’t need an another presentationsoftware.

The simple coding for single button presses is as follows:. Bit 7 is always zero, bit 6 is always 1. Good to hear that your first problem is solved. It can also be respknse to zero by sending a command e5 from the computer through the serial port. I am trying to collect a rating using a Cedrus response box and a sketchpad to present the response options. But then again, I’d need a Cedrus box crdrus actually test it.

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Thanks rdsponse best wishes, Merle. I have defined the buttons 1 and 3 as Allowed responses 1;3but all the 8 buttons are active and collect responses.


There are a number of other XID commands that can be send to the response box responwe this mode. Just to be perfectly sure, if you click on the ‘Edit script’ button, does it look something like this? The script looks fine, yes. Bits 5,6,7 indicate which button was pressed. But I first have to take care cedruss the world I know. If the allowed responses are important, you could probably ask for a Python code snippet to communicate with the Cedrus box on their support forum.

The way to define the allowed responses is by typing 1;3 in the field labelled ‘Allowed responses’.

Cedrus Response Pad RB540

I would like to set the “duration” of a sketchpad by keypress of the SR response box, and not the keyboard. When a button is pressed a 6 character response blx send through the serial port. Hi Sebastian, the problem is solved.