On-board Flash ROM provides plenty of capacity for data storage. I have used it as much as any board I have ever had and have had as much fun with it as any instrument I have had. Drawbar Organ Function The drawbar organ function provides realistic reproduction of rich drawbar organ sounds that have long been popular with musicians everywhere. I think the reason for that is the demographic here. The drawbar organ sounds pretty much the same as my WK did and can be tweaked the same way. A selection of reverb, chorus, and DSP effects makes it possible to tailor a sound into exactly the one you want. You can mix up to 12 sounds simultaneously.

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User memory area for storage of up to setups created using digital drawbars that control the level of each foot setting, percussive, and more. Where are you from?

Casio CTK-691 is a good keyboard?

I had a and borrowed a for awhile, and with tweaks and a Ventilator could get some pretty decent “Hammond ” sounds, and yes, I could get a nice “House of theRising Sun” sound as well. The CZ then the CZ1. As a Tonewheel Organ emulator it isn’t the best but it is very versatile for Combo Organ-type sounds processed through the Synth section.

Out of the box it sounds OK but there are a couple things I did to it to make it really work for me.


Casio CTK and WK – an appreciation – MusicPlayer Forums

Youd be far better off saving up some and getting a real synth used. Eventually, although slow speed wasn’t bad, I realized that the fast Leslie sim was not cutting it so I moved on Unfortunately, some of the MZ magic has yet to return in new models.

Guru Platinum Member Registered: Caxio thing no longer “barks”. Neither one sounds that great on the fast setting but that’s to be expected from a keyboard this cheap and old!

CTK – High-Grade Keyboards – Electronic Musical Instruments – CASIO

I have used it as much as any board I have ever had and cfk-691 had as much fun with it as any instrument I have had. Help FAQs Go to top. But at that ctk-961, who can complain! Internet Data Expansion System The Internet Data Expansion System makes it possible for you to download tone waveforms over the Internet and configure your keyboard to your specific musical needs.

Used it on stage on many occasions. The Casio piece I find most interesting in the current stable seems to get no attention here. Casio’s drawbar mode made it’s debut here and still manages to be the most full featured and versatile one they made. Login or Sign Up. I think the Mrs. Would you consider buying a used synth if it was in many ways superior to both of those models? Previous Topic Index Next Topic. The low, mid-low, mid-high, and high bands can be configured to suit virtually any type of music.


Using fast fast cxsio with a dry organ signal, even with the Vent, always sounded a bit weird and Phasey due to some overemphasized harmonic beating emanating from the keyboards. Bossbandbob Cgk-691 Member Registered: On top of the world ma, I fina This is because the percussion on the Casio isn’t real good. Dave BryceStephen Fortner. Most the forum members play Grandpa music because Casio has just brought back one-touch sampling in a few keyboards.

I have used a on many recordings, along with it’s big brother, the WK which I have had for 3 or 4 years. I practice on it all the time and because it is so light and small, it goes everywhere- and has taken one hell of a beating, but it still ticks. There are plenty on eBay. Synthesizer function lets you create and store your own sounds.

Not a fan of the action, though same as the WX-P1.

The CTK is great.