Defects must be reproducible, or they must be indicated by computer output. Jochen Arndt Apr 5: Select Division Select Division. The same applies if products are handled improperly or in a way which is not conformant with the manual of the product or if the product was repaired by a third party in a way which is not conformant with the requirements for repair. You can download the latest driver files here.

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Introduction to drivers and what is needed: Other Software no source code: Thanks, it looks lot better now.

The maker have tested this driver under some Linux distributions and it seems to work well, however we cannot do support related questions on Linux right now since we have no Linux soting nor any experience with Linux.

Trace file of the CAN driver setup can be created as described below: Please install the latest CAN driver setup V5. The boot block version can be seen in the SCIM. Please uninstall manually the CAN driver setup. caunsb

Softing CANpro USB

When answering a question please: Place of jurisdiction shall be Munich; place of performance shall be Haar. More details can be found in your privacy policy. Add your solution here. In case you find one or more these keys in the registry, then please remove them. Non server-based Inter-machine communication using C.


Select Division Select Division. No old documents found. Sample Programs source code: Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. Register once for the Softing Customer Portal and you will be able to use a range of services without having to reenter your data. Note that you need also the library file canL2. How to set up CAN communication using softing canusb?

By default, a CAN high-speed network is terminated with a ohm resistor. This is a common issue for USB cables canuab are very long.

can_interfaces:main – CAN Wiki

Visit peliCAN Canus is on external server. Register once for the Softing Customer Portal and you will be able to use a range of services without having to reenter your data. Written permission by us is required.

It could be an executable, picture or a story. You should provide more information about the problems like compiler errors and error codes returned by functions when the programming is running.

CAN interface card / USB / for IPC – CANpro USB Embedded – Softing Industrial Automation

This makes it more important to get detailed problem information and may make it impossible to solve some problems. At this stage you can use the boot block update tool. But some of the functions still unrecognizable.


The LICENSEE agrees not to use our PRODUCT in nuclear power plant applications, planes, in applications for the planning, construction, production or delivery of planes or parts thereof, for navigation, for the production of weapons of any kind and for medical applications which may lead to personal injury. The liability is limited to five times the price stipulated in the contract and to those damages on whose emergence SOFTING has to reckon in the context of a typical contract.

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During development these are the release and debug output directories. Just visit the link below, download and place executable in a new folder or on desktop.