He could not believe how long and straight it drives. Isn’t it true that since the shaft is farther in the head it plays stiffer, as if the shaft was tipped 1 to 2 inches? Variable Face Thickness Technology Variable Face Thickness Technology allows designers to adjust the materials thickness in Callaway Golf woods and irons for improved performance. Bought a Walter Hagen M2 , hit well with it then I swung.. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.

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A guess would be less than. Was spending more time in “time out” than in the bag.

Callaway X Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

I appreciate it when a company stays true to its roots and provides a familiar clubhead for me at address. I have a 4 iron that does that and it is unnerving as heck to hit it. Longest I’ve ever hit. Even though it’s a “tour” model, the ball flight is high and it’s still very forgiving.

My SS is to and I’m more of a hitter than a swinger. Overall, a nice offering at a reasonable price, though I’m not sure it’s much better than a G5. Like the FT-3, there are two different models of X With good looks and using tried and true technology the X is in a good spot in the Callaway line up. Ground is wet, temp in the low 50’s and I’m carryingmeasured with gps to pitchmark which is good for me.


Callaway X460 Driver Review

HC in pics is included. I had trouble on the front nine getting the ball in the air.

Posted 20 April – Realize the honeymoon period with any new club. I recently purchased the X 10 degree with stiff shaft, which may have been a mistake. I alreday have the matching 3 wood. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. The test range club I used had a high kick point Fuji black in it.

Luckily the Fujikura You can see most of the line up at the X custom shaft page or by asking your callaawy Callaway dealer for up-to-date availability. Far and away the X tour is the best I have used in many years. Mild marks; a few scra I have confirmed that the X Tour even though it looked square at address does tend to pull the ball to the left on solid hits. Bottom line for me It is a great buy. With my oldI was averaging yards off the tee. I am 63 years old and callaaay the X my drives are longer and straighter than ever!


The Hi-bore was the straightest of all and in my opinion could also be the callaaway, but takes more fitting and experimenting with lofts, shafts, and T height.

Callaway X460 Drivers

Effortless to hit too. Seemed to be a fairway finder. Some have talked about the sound of the X The ting sound very goodcompared to the other clubs.

The feedback is very good and you know exactly where you hit the ball every time. It’s as long as any new Driver I’ve hit, though not quite as forgiving.