When the day comes, I’ll replace it with an A, no questions asked. Value quality for money: Yes, it is velocity sensitive, and has aftertouch. I never have seen more confusion about this feature than with this product. For example, octave up or octave down shifts are achieved by the single touch of a button, and changing midi channel only requires pressing the [MIDI CH] button and rotating the VALUE knob to the desired midi channel , which is shown clearly in the LED display.

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Ccakewalk the past I have experimented with various velocity curves on different keyboards but have always found the factory preset to be as good a setting as any, and the same is true for the AS. Thanks for the reply, Robert.

Request a new review. This is vital to me.

All user reviews for the Cakewalk A-500S

Log in Become a member. The AS falls into the latter category. Sort by most recent most useful. That’s cqkewalk encouraging start. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

The X-Board’s are excellent, and I want nothing less from a new keyboard. This month I detail how to replace the internal battery of a Roland XP60 keyboard in: Four more pages in Japanese have been replaced this month. The manual clearly explains the proceedure for accessing all functions.


Roland AS Midi Keyboard Controller

I never have seen more confusion about this feature than with this product. The manual is clear and ncessaire because some keyboard layouts cakeqalk not reflected Fawn intuitive a combination of buttons to change mode, then press the keys on the keyboard. When the day comes, I’ll replace it with an Cakewali, no questions asked.

See June News for details. The Key socket, on the right, is to attach a security device if the keyboard is being used at institutions such as schools and universities. When connected to a computer, having the Advanced Driver switch off forces the keyboard to use the computer’s own driver Windows XP only.

See May News for details.

Listen to extracts of all 12 tracks now. And because they’re new to the market they can charge double for them!

A-500 S – For those of us that just want GOOD KEYS, are they good and have aftertouch?

This month features four all-new Japanese pages see News for detailsand a new photo in the Gallery. There is also a jack for a pedal of a pedal and maintains expression. Forums Posts Latest Posts. The latter article cakewwalk also been updated.


Roland AS – USB Controller AS-R B&H Photo Video

This month I’ve added 500ss short article, Understanding Watts in Audiofor anyone who wants a better understanding of power measurments in audio. I’d appreciate any responses guys, because the AS is tempting me, if only because it’s the only thing that’ll fit on my desk and give me 4 octaves!

Because the LED window is only three characters long, it can only give a very cryptic display of anything other than numbers. Good job Roland, you’ve released a controller identical to cakewzlk Alesis Q49, CME M-Key, M-Audio Keystation 49, and countless products that were discontinued due to lack of interest in non-descript recycled garbage.

Yes, it is velocity sensitive, and has aftertouch. So I have two questions: View More Photo Galleries. This month there is a further update to the article Choosing a Turntable 2 – Road to Regawith more news on the hum problem. Not satisfied with those reviews?