Posted March 30, No such device QSpinBox:: This is not because CAT sells antennas. What is it that flags the IO attention at entry? The fit of the CCU antenna cable is suspicious, but it works:

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Any suggestions as to where to look? Not great, but certainly usable imho. F-motech they just manufacture the connector itself, not a cable, and you can only buy from them in bulk. No such signal QListBox:: Now that I can see the pics online, I have better notion of what the device is.

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CMOTech CCU-550 puts EV-DO on a USB key

Family of Lion Air co-pilot sues Boeing in Chicago over fatal crash. The atdt script was from the back of the manual that came with the card, under the OS X section, the log-in and password that I am using are ones I got from a web page I found on configuring a Mac to use the card when the instructions in the uwb failed me web page here: Here is an url to a screenshot from openSUSE So I suggest finding an engineer to buy the antenna from.


Posted July 31, edited. Any idea and suggestion how to trobleshoot this further? By rooster59 Started 10 hours ago. D modem is ready From Login script Debug window: By rooster59 Started 10 hours ago.

This is because nearly every CAT engineer in the country moonlights by selling services and accessories using the tools and connections available to them ush their CAT job!

CMOTech CCU puts EV-DO on a USB key

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted July 31, By webfact Started Monday at By georgegeorgia Started Wednesday at Subscribe to the newsletter. If you do a google image search for ‘cmotech ccu cdma modem’ you can see it it is the white one.

Will battery go flat? Posted May 22, All times are GMT When we plugged in the antenna, our signal level went from 4 bars to 1! For the CCU, which is a more recent model though not the most recent at time of postingit’s much easier to find the adapter. Permission denied Couldn’t find interface ppp0: Placing that antenna at the top of a long bamboo pole, in the same plane c-jotech the ground e.


By silver sea Started Monday at C-Motech also makes a “Franklin Wireless” CDU which looks identical; but does anyone know if it uses the same antenna connector?

It might be possible to scrape off isb little bit of plastic before inserting the connector, but I didn’t do this, because it’s also possible that the metal contacts of the connector are incorrectly sized, and maybe that tightness is what makes the thing work I have no evidence of this either way, but there was no reason to try. Not too shabby for mobile usage.