The latest version improves the picture quality and the sharpness. When using all 16 channels plug the additional BNC’s onto the headers bearing in mind the first 4 are on the card. But a lot of time has passed since this was reported and few newer versions of DScaler appeared, so one would think they would fix this. And I have never touched Pinnacle’s driver ever since Description, Driver Date, Operating Systems.

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This filter is actually a kernel-mode KsProxy. I put the card back in and.

Not a big issue though considering I don’t use coax, I only use svideo. Why bother buying something new when this driver injected new life into my trusty old tuner card? Good luck to anyone using this package Already have an account?

Mine is a MTAP. I have tried every options, crossbar, tv tuner, and others but none btwkncap them seems to give life to my capturesssss: I have previsiously selected the “video turner in”, because the card has composite and s video too The software from pinnacle fails to work with the btwincap drivers, wich is normal, because this means that i do not have the pinnacle drivers anymore, and it should also mean that the new BTwincap drivers were correctly installed This page contains the driver.


GL, i am able to choose every card model and tv tuner available on the installer, but bellow on the installer window, it shows information about my card, wich means that at least the card autodetect is working just btwinap.

Again, some basic troubleshooting: In any case, it’s safe to reboot between opening different applications dscaler and something else. It works on bit and bit Windows. Have you tried with them, in VirtualDub, setting custom resolution to i.

Could it be because i don’t choose the brand of the tv turner of my card, and leave the autodetect to do it? Have you To see listings of these cards on ebay in a new window click here. btwiincap

btwincap WDM Video Capture Driver Free Download – VideoHelp

Win2K Ease of use: It can be removed any time. Sign in Already have an account? I don’t know why. Plus with Windows or XP you get an additional advantages in video capture.

All the latest manufacturer’s drivers available for free from Software Patch. The Capture Guide is very good reference. If you’re so keen on avoiding pinnacle, here’s another similar driver http: I’ve selected the phillips PAL from the installer but it did not work.


BTWinCap WDM Driver x64 Installer (amdWin64) – Downloads – Community Forum

WDM Video Capture has. Absolutely vital if the drivers that come with your capture card aren’t up to the task. It works on bit and bit Mac OS.

DirectX 9 already has it.

Please help with btwincap drivers and WinTV…

Kodicom card like the second screen cap. For colorspace, select YUY2.

I think if the crosspoint chip differs then so do vtwincap results. Afterwards, when I got comfortable with the situation, I used BTWinCap’s manual installation package – when you edit the INF files – it’s also avaliable for download at the same place.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

The improvement in capture quality, smoothness and sharpness has been at least 50 percent. Operating system, XP W2k3.

You see, I’m still not out of ideas: