I am provided with a broadband modem ARV v3. And also what is the price? I set my modem setting according as shown in top of this page ie. If i try doing so it shows no internet available in one of them. When I connect on wireless, the internet LED is glowing in the modem. I never had problen in connectivity but all of a sudden it says data consumed!

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Can anyone provide me bsnl type 2 wi-fi modem drivers please.? When I restart my modem, it starts working again. Does any one face a such problem?

How to configure BSNL FTTH modem – Quora

Thank u veryyy muchhhhh…. I will be really thankful to you. How can I check whether my Broadband connection always on or not?? Your reply will be much appreciated. How can I reset the password? So please help me in this matter, thanks. And also what is the price? Make sure you enter both the logins in small letters because the logins are case sensitive.

Then i try speedguide. Thanks for the prompt reply. Please guide me or sterliye me the drivers so that I may install this or send me the link for downloading the drivers.


Select your modem from link given below.

So my doubt is that will I be able to connect always using this IP? P, let me know plz.

The modem is UTR. Yes you can but you will have to configure your modem to bsnl settings…in your modem page that you can access by typing I tried repairing connection, did all troubleshooting methods that I got during hours of googling.

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Mohammed Irfan, like you said the ITI modem is stupid and worthless thank god i only rented it. The dialup window says the line is busy. But yesI dont like that type of authenication since only one line can be used and other pcs cannot conenct simulatenously. So what do you think essbebe?

It has a wireless and a wired port. If its the Adsl, you may do the following……lift the receiver of your landline telephone through which you have the bsnl connection for 4 secs and hang up… it may start blinking after sometime!!


I am unable to understand the problem. Tell me the type of security you are using for safe guarding your wifi. Windows 7 Miscellaneous I need de driver for huawei smartax mta driver usb windows 10 who can say mode i can find it thank For huawei smartax mta USB driver issue, we need make sure have released a.

Should I go ahead and purchase one or else where can I modm one. Kindly direct me the settings insted of directing me to any weblinks.

Sterlite SAM100 ADSL Modem configuration for BSNL BB

Notify me of new posts by email. Discover the magic of the Internet. Kindly help me to solve the problem. Just reading the post and dash a reply repeating the same things AND blaming bsnl cc again does not help.

When i go for speedtest.