Despite it’s small overall size, the trigger throw on the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is long enough to give you full control over rpm. This allows the user to get used to which setting works best for them in common situations. Reviews 6 6 reviews for Bosch PS Litheon The Bosch PSA Pocket Driver carries over all of the great features from the first generation and packs in more power and speed to boot! Controlling rpm is easy as is maintaining a slow speed for starting a screw.

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Chalk up another gold star for the engineers because the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver actually is very comfortable to use. Avatars by Sterling Adventures.

After I began using it, my opinion changed os20. But it does fit in most pockets I have on me when woodworking. Start off slow then once it gets going pull the trigger to get to full speed.

The work light bottom is way more useful than I thought when I started using the first version of this driver. When a postal scale is needed to get an accurate weight of a woodworking tool you know it’s “bulk” isn’t going to wear you out.

The grip and boosch are nicely laid out and easy to use. Despite it’s small overall size, the trigger throw on the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver is long enough to give you full control over rpm. In a press release on the Bosch PSA Pocket Driver Bosch states, “The change is due to lithium ion battery voltage ratings that have been adopted in the marketplace since Bosch first introduced its ultra-compact Litheon products in The second generation Bosch PSA Pocket Drive r is well on its way to taking over the top spot in my cordless tool drawer What I admire about this bit of in-your-face marketing is that Bosch is telling you something up front that most others are hoping you won’t notice.


Bosch PS Litheon Volt Lithium-Ion Pocket Driver with 2 Batteries –

The trigger is a real variable speed switch. One of the first things Bosch did was to increase battery power rating from I know that somebody is going to ask if I don’t px20 say – Yes.

Go ahead and credit your boscch improved dexterity but know that it is the Bosch engineer who slipped the magnetic part into the chuck that is really responsible. The minute charger left and two packs are included. This kind of feature works silently and the only thing you might notice is that you are dropping fewer screws or bits.

I think this is simply Bosch bringing the marketing verbiage in line with what has become the industry standard.

Great Size and Comfortable to use When I got this cordless drill for my birthday last year I thanked my wife without realizing just how handy this nondescript little drill would be in my life.

Here again, the Bosch engineers knew what I needed before I did. The first generation Bosch PS20 Pocket Driver pocke seem to lack power so this increase should rule out even perceived deficiencies for even the most power-hungry of users. Long charge, high torque, well balanced, lightweight, and takes abuse. The position clutch is operated with a twist ring just behind the chuck.


The clutch top is easy to use and very effective. Bosch makes a habit of supplying these canvas carry bags with many of their tools when they apply and it is a refreshing change from the blow-molded cases so many of us throw away.

Bosfh bit seems to jump out of the screw.

It also has an Vosch position when left in the middle detent. I charged it up and put it on the bench where I could grab it whenever I needed to drive a fastener. Reviews 6 6 reviews for Bosch PS Litheon This is a trouble-free design so there was no change needed or made there. For one thing it does not have a chuck to hold a drill bit.

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How can I say anything more positive? With it being cordless, I can take it upstairs to my studio where I do not have a wall plug. I use this for installing finish telephone work.