Multiple versions of Biscom software are fully supported, so users running older versions are not left in the cold. At this time, the user chooses whether the document should be used to start a compound facsimile, by selecting the multiple-file facsimile feature , or whether it should be sent as a single-file fax in the regular manner , followed by returning the user to the application program Locate details about fax routing information with a simple database or LDAP query. If the Add-to-List input is received, the name of the file that will be created by the printing of the current file is saved in a global variable and the file is then printed to that file, which is then saved in the temporary multiple-file fax directory. The system, through the dialog box, then allows the user to control the composition, direction, and transmission of the fax, accepting such inputs as a “Send to” address, a return address, and cover page notes.

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Within the application program, the user prepares the document for printing and then prints the documentchoosing the fax printer as the target printer. Automated inbound fax management simplifies the process of directing faxes to the correct destination and eliminates errors.


Careers Kyocera is looking for enthusiastic, creative people who share our commitment to growth and advancement. The fax administrator can specify the destination for any and all incoming faxes. Click for automatic bibliography generation.

Locations For a list of Kyocera office locations and their phone numbers, click here. Kyocera is dedicated to servicing and supporting our customers better. Files to be removed using the button are selected from the list Administrators can monitor the entire fax system from a visual dashboard, making the data easily readable at a glance. Biscom is a trademark of Biscom, Inc. Faxing rules can be set up for other scenarios; for example if the patient is a DOA then fax to the Coroner’s Office.


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Learn about Kyocera’s committment to meeting Section Compliance. Biscom includes 20 standard, predefined biiscom to assist in tracking faxes. The user selects particular files to be removed from the multiple-file fax list and then is queried as to whether the selected files from the list should be removed from the compound fax that is being composed, or should just be temporarily removed for the purposes of the current fax transmission.

Multiple-file feature for a fax printer driver – Biscom Incorporated

Electronic file sharing is common practice among most businesses today. Control user access and permissions with easy-to-administer group settings. To better enable integration with standard business applications, and for continuity between applications, Biscom uses Microsoft Management Console for all administration tasks. A Cancel function allows either the current print to be canceled or the composition of priinter current multiple-file fax to be canceled.

A method for creating a single compound facsimile transmission from a plurality of named electronic files prlnter utilizing one or more application programs on a computer, comprising, in combination, the steps of: In the preferred embodiment discussed previously, the fax includes all the files in the list contained in the fax printer driver initialization file plus the current file after it has been converted, which occurs at this time From its telephone handsets The method of claim 19, buscom said remove function further includes the optional step of permanently removing selected ones of said files from said compound facsimile, comprising the steps, in combination, of: All files can be easily removed from a compound fax printsr invoking the “cancel” prinyer Scan and e-mail large documents without restrictive e-mail server size limitations Highly secure SSL encrypted transfer of scanned documents safeguards confidential information in transit Government FIPS certified bit encryption protects files at rest in the cloud or on-premise server Barcode routing sheets generated directly from the MFP by the user streamline workflows Document stamping, including Bates stamping, addresses court compliance requirements Delivery confirmation ensures receipt of scanned document Flexible send option allows the selection between an LDAP look-up, recent e-mail, fax destinations or send-to-self.


Please notify the EMR Department immediately should you notice any discrepancies. When the last file is ready to be added to the multiple-file fax, the user utilizes the SendFAX dialog box to not only add biscok last file to the fax, but also to address the fax, create a cover sheet, and finally to send the multiple-file fax using the dedicated “Send” button After removal of files, the user remains in the SendFAX dialog box and may then choose to remove additional files, to cancel either printing of the current fax or composition of the multiple-file fax, to send the fax, or to add the current file to the list.

The method of claim 12, wherein said computer is attached to a local area network through which the means of said facsimile transmission is accessed. The print of the current file is also halted, and any associated file in the temporary directory is deleted.

Click Select under the recipient section to choose a recipient. After obtaining confirmation that a compound fax send is requestedthe system creates an “envelope” for the compound fax files and then sends the envelope with the files to the fax modem or apparatus interface.

Biscom – Wikipedia

The issue reported does not affect all patients. It is possible ptinter view the files on the list by utilizing a dedicated “View” button in the attachment subwindow Locate details about fax routing information with a simple database or LDAP query. Reach out to us today. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.