Last edited by Scoobs; February at Last edited by MegaTsunami; April at Time for a bulletin on the fridge, folks! Since this firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications. Navigate to the port forwarding section. This ensures that your ports will remain open even after your device reboots.

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Or, in most cases, users find a way to forget them!

It should look something like this:. How do we get to the second device? It does the same even if you unplug the USB cable from the back of the modem then wait, then replug in and try again.

Binatone broadband modem – can’t connect. If your username and password do not work then please visit our Default Binatone Router Passwords page.

You will now be taken to the binatonee page where you can enter default username: To avail the best signal and network connectivity, make sure you keep your Binatone ADSL router visibly and not facing the wall or behind the curtains.

Your router’s IP address can also be refered to as your computer’s default gateway. If biatone not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started.


Here’s how you do it.

Binatone ADSL | Tech Support Guy

So every external IP address request from ftp goes to device one. Customers using routers will see different error messages.

But ultimately you will endup writing it on a sticky and putting it on the router which defeats the purpose. Binatone ADSL router login issues: We think that forwarding a port should be easy.

Tried it on 3 machines networked, at the same location. Tags adslbroadbandcableconnectionmodemphonescreenwebwindows Thread Tools. Few more settings that you can consider for your Binatone ADSL router You need or need not choose to consider this step; it is both obsolete and quite a hassle!

Simple Binatone ADSL Router Port Forwarding Instructions

I didn’t look at there status page as I couldn’t get on Anyway, if anyone cares to recommend a decent new modem, I’m all ears please. Well the Public Port and Private Port entries allow us to specify another outside port to connect to our internal port How to connect to ya firends on kazza lite. Gee, there is an amazingly similar post on another forum: Wait 5 minutes, connect back then try again. Rebooting your Binatone ADSL can fix Internet connection problems, improve slow moving connections and resolve wireless issues altogether.

Simple Binatone ADSL 2000 Router Port Forwarding Instructions

Select the protocol type using the Port Type radio button. Most people will never need to use this, but I’m going to explain why they have Public Port and Private Port here. Security is a continuous process Just keep in mind to change the passwords often or at least once in every 6 months!


If theres newer drivers try them it isnt going to break the modem. This means that if possible, you should consider hardwire using Ethernet cable the devices that tend to consume a lot of bandwidth.

Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? Press the reset button with a pin or something that gets through the tiny hole, and hold it for about 15 seconds! If all goes well you will see the following adsl0200.

Binatone ADSL 2000

Binatone ADSL routers include a very basic firewall that helps protect your home network form unwanted access from the internet. They are there so you can direct traffic at two devices on your network. Originally Posted by MegaTsunami.