I’ve had this airgun for a couple of months now extremely impressive. Just a little metallic click — unbelievable! The Air Venturi tank had a problem with an air leak in the quick disconnect end of the fill hose. It takes about 60 pumps to fill it back up. Ranges are scarce here on the left coast and backyard practice is a plus. Short pulls and crisp break.

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Cons Honestly Without that christmas discount code i probably wouldn’t have bought all this at one time.

Benjamin Marauder, Hunter Combo | Pre-charged pneumatic Air Rifle | Airgun Depot

But the lens is clear, it has an adjustable objective that is obviously made for pellet guns as it thmup down to 15 yards, increases in small increments to yards, then to infinity. It is a variable 4×16 with an adjustable objective and lighted crosshairs in red or green with adjustable intensity.

Cons A bit heavier that I expected, pumping up was more exercise than I expected. I am so far as equally satisfied with its simplicity, accuracy, quality, quietness Single-pump exactness coordinate thunp airguns convey the most steady gag speed. Spring-cylinder, Pneumatic, and CO2.


It’s odd that the.

A little heavy and filling to 3, PSI with the pump is a work out,but other than that, the rifle is everything I expected. Limited only by pneummatic own hold or strategic position that I can quickly take Unlike all of my other air rifles with a mile long pull before it breaks.

Excellent accuracy so far at yards jsb diablo king. I bought the full package, because that’s what I do when I buy a new airgun. Superb shooting gun, I bought this at a pnrumatic gun and was told that the only flaw was usually a scratch.

How to Troubleshoot Air in the Plumbing Pipes

No additional purchases necessary yet. This problem no longer affects me. Pros Shoots great at 35 yards I can shoot the heads off of golf tees.

My neighbors won’t hear it at all.

After installation, that did NOT solve the issue of falling air pressure over night. After about 4 fills, I figured out that over about psi, I seemed to be losing accuracy, so I shoot from psi down to about psi. Proper form is a must– if you try pumping the handpump pnematic hunched over– I wouldn’t be surprised if someone threw out a disc. I read on a forum that if you cock the gun with the muzzle pointed down, this will not happen.


Pros Extremely accurate Nice trigger like it better than my. It has no kickback at all, is accurate and pneumativ not weigh a ton. Available to US customers in the lower 48 states. I’m using cheap Crosman Premier It is a tack driver built with quality.

It performs as the first one I bought.

Benjamin Marauder, Hunter Combo

You don’t need to blow a whole bunch of extra air out on each shot. Super quiet, just the ping of the hammer falling. First to fill the gun with air. For hunting I use the Woods Walker with stock.

In extreme cases, constant rattling over long stretches of time can cause damage to valves, fixtures and pipes. This Combo is the way to go, the Pneumatjc carbon fiber tank, 20×50 scope with lighted rectifies. Very accurate and powerful. Pros Good quality and great fit and finish.