It is true that, as far that I’m concerned, I’m not “a software engineer for 30 years” 1 star review , but, again, this product works fine for me and I consider it a little gem! Apparently some peoples wireless USB mice no longer work as well. I purchased this device, which has a pre-amp built in, connected it and was off to the races. Home Help Search Login Register. Luckily I did some search on Amazon.

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I wanted a step up in quality over the headphone output which was the only available path out for sound, and had a bit of noise in it. Apparently some peoples wireless USB mice no longer work as well. I was used to plug it and then turn on the computer but lknux stopped working this way few months ago for me as well.

U-PHONO UFO202 Reviews

Please try again later or contact the administrator. As a result, the UFO gives some constant noise but cannot be controlled by the mixer. Select all Bus Device Would really suck if it was the Scarlett that was oinux. I must confess that I was truly amazed by some 1, 2 and 3 star reviews.


Mate, Gnome, Kde, Unity Antergos -kernel 4. It’s fit for pupose, worked right away on Windows 7 Home, and performed as expected. So, here I am I have been screwing around for years trying to figure out a way to transfer my LPs to my computer. I have a Scarlet 2i2 and it no longer shows up in the audio settings. I happened to find an ufo02 2i2 from office, and now tested linu at home.

I wish I had found this device awhile ago Play with the volume dial for quality. These are unimportant details, and behringsr don’t change the functional value of this product.

I haven’t bothered to load and have not needed the rest of the software that came packaged with the UFO Never did this before.


Still investigating a little on this side, but haven’t found a solution. Are the ‘level’ sliders not available in PulseAudio Volume Control? The system reads it, and I have it set as my default soundcard now instead of the intel8x0 onboard card.

Haven’t had a chance to try recording, but all seems going smoothly.


behringer uca inputs/capture *working* – LinuxMusicians

I get playback from the monitors, no problems there. Just in case, check that levels in alsamixer if any are good.

Select all alsamixer -c1. I already had a good Audio-Technica turntable so this gave me a cheaper alternative to buying a USB turntable.

I would definitely recommend it. I’ve tested this with multiple live sessions of distros with different kernels and am now getting the ufl202 behavior with all of them Only work when I plug it in after system startup Tried so far: I originally assumed that the mic would be stereo capable, it isn’t.

If I unplug it. LinuxMusicians creating music freely Skip to content.

Sound is great, noise floor is relatively low. If I let the system boot, disconnect it and then reconnect it, it works fine. This makes me a little bit wondering!? My 2i2 is fairly recent, bought it mid last year.