Originally Posted by camerseni. I appreciated that you could do that, even though it was archaic. Twenty Years Later — days old. I didn’t know that either, anywhere near “back then”. This one person uses Court Reporting softwear that needs a hardware key plugged into one of the Com ports. Maybe I should plough through my floppies, I may have relevant drivers in there but I feel that’s unlikely.

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I still have disks here for Windows 1. But yes, as Mark says, drivers now hard to find. I do have a couple of old PCI soundblasters, I’ll have to check out the model numbers.

Driver: Creative Eureka Pci 64

There were basically three values to worry about. Yep, I had to go through all that crap for that Windows 3. I used that card for years after, in an old Pentium running Linux that I had as aztehc spare computer.

So I sztech a Win 95 upgrade CD and installed that but still no drivers to work. They can of course select Dos asc383a Xp at boot. Twenty Years Later — days old. They really aren’t “soundblasters” at all, but Ensoniq PCI sound cards after Creative bought them out and applied the Soundblaster name to them You can have lines to emulate a soundblaster along with the SB emulation driverwhen running in DOS Mode in Windows, but you won’t find legacy support for them.


You could download a driver “update” on the web, but it was incomplete. This first attempt to move beyond the operating system’s DOS roots introduced many features we recognize in Windows today.

My life is slipping away I’m aging every day But even when I’m grey I’ll still be grey my way. When I first learned to compile kernels, it had no choice but to work because you hard coded those values right in the driver. All times are GMT It was just something I wanted to do.

Getting that kind of hardware to work could be difficult in Windows 3. I really would like to play Goosebumps again, bought that for my kids when they were young but it only runs in Win 95, I’ve had no luck making it work in Win But Doom played great on it.


I didn’t know that, all I knew back then were ini and conf files. Xp, Win98, Dos 6. Maybe I should plough through my floppies, I may have relevant drivers in there atech I feel that’s unlikely.


They did not distribute them freely, xsc338a CD came with the card and that was that. It’s kind of fun for a change to do it. Results 1 to 17 of I didn’t know that either, anywhere near “back then”.

Originally Posted by camerseni. I once built a computer that had a quad boot.

Oh, and I have Windows 3. I had just gotten my first “real” computer in the early 90’s, a Packard Bell SX that came with Windows 3. The hardest part for me wasn’t configuring them in the autoexec. I still have a few customers that use Dos 6.

Aztech PCI 338-A3D Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card with Game Port Bulk, NEW

Think I may have an old with cpu and memory in a teachest in my lockup as well. And disks for DOS 5.

I only used DOS 6. Originally Posted by floppybootstomp.