Return to General Old Hardware. Once I find out a way to get the cards working in my machine, I will update this post. It’s also got a minor bug with the SoundBlaster Pro digital sound where sometimes, a digital sound will stop too soon. But the actual yamaha OPL3 chip is right there near the letter “V1”. There may be a jumper on your board that allows you to select port instead of if you have it set to , then use that number instead.

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Yes, I’m a complete retard.

Aztech ISA Sound Cards

Honestly can’t say anything about that one as I don’t axt2320 much about it, and I tend to be a bit leery of anything with the word “Value” stamped on it, makes Me wonder what was removed. Again, no big loss as stereo effects still sound pretty damn good on this card.

When I was growing up through the 90s, I only ever owned machines that had legitimate Sound Blaster cards in them. If you know, let me know! Here’s a basic rundown of what goes on between different SoundBlaster 16s: I’ve never had anything that used either.


Is it any good? Basically it was an advanced stereo chip, for Q-sound effects I think. If you are looking for a Sound Blaster Pro 2 compatible card without paying a similar price, the AZT based cards aren’t a bad buy.

Aztech Soundcard DOS Drivers – AOA Forums

These sorts of cards can be used for regular Windows use too, right? Mobos with intel chips are so rare in here Cards that were registered with the FCC but never seemingly manufactured are omitted. Return to General Old Hardware.

This site hosts no abandonware. There are a few exceptions which will be detailed in the master list below. Also the more relevant question is why there is one chip place not used and what we could insert there? My website with doa, demos, drivers, tutorials and more It is the best card.

Well it gets the dos work, but remeber to but the sounblaster driver to bootdisk for dos or autoexec. The appears to be the highest model that does not use PnP and also has a Wave Blaster header. Sound Blaster 16 isa.

Aztech Labs Sound Card Drivers Download

Thats because you have the roland daughterboard. Also the cd-driver to there also. Glean as much information from that thread as you can. Ideally, it would be best to combine a SoundBlaster Pro 2.


None of them support Sound Blaster Because it’s not installed, that technically makes this card a CT If I can get that working again I will try and figure it out. Found the ddos of this wavetable solution. It seems to happen all the time when the sound card is first initialized, and sometimes also happens when digital sound stops playing or when the YMF outputs sound. I’m guessing the azt is on opl clone of some kind. Many aztech cards seem to retain a yamaha OPL3.

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These are all first generation cards. Following that is usually a 3 digit number beginning with 8. It also has the clearest digital sound of any sound card I’ve ever heard, although at times, it’s a bit TOO clear.