Easy to use and widely implemented in biology, medicine, and materials analysis. The two technologies used in all document scanners More information. A1 FL Axio Vert. MR-compatible digital HD video camera. Line Scan Cameras Basler Line Scan Cameras High-quality line scan technology meets a cost-effective GigE interface Real color support in a compact housing size Shading correction compensates for difficult lighting conditions More information. Programmable TE cooling down to 45 More information.

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They may show slight traces of use. Highlights for biology and medicine High bit dynamics 18 MHz digitization Maximum resolution in x pixels Long exposure times bit color depth Adjustable ROI Region of Interest Adjustable binning Absolutely color-fast images Fast live image Small camera size allows optimal system integration Easy to use without external control box and power supply Vibration-free operation no mechanical cooling fans, shutters or filter wheels Data transmission and power supply via single cable Special features of AxioCam MRm Expanded spectral range High sensitivity for near infrared High-quality fluorescence images, even with specimens with extremely low axuocam intensity bit dynamics plus cooled sensor: Applicability This document applies to the Rolera Bolt camera.


SpotLight 2 now available! Russ, Materials Science and Engineering Dept.

Interface PCI interface card with cable for data and control lines Even dynamic processes or moving specimens can be monitored conveniently by several people in the live image. Introduction to image sensors 3 2. The best results are achieved by using correction filters – not by digitally enhancing in a software program as once More information. Zoom Network camera, PoE If you subsequently wish to transfer your images to a PC, all you need to do is insert the SD card into the memory card slot on your PC.

More Resolution – More Flexibility Outstanding image quality for a wide variety of requirements in medicine and biology.

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H x V Binning x 5×5 x 4×4 x 3×3 x 2×2 x Single shot Selectable Resolution in progressive mode recommended for moving objects: Product Information Version 1. Pixel Well Depth typical 94, e – Dark Current 2. It is axioca, and mechanically in immaculate condition and factory tested.

This is certainly a valid requirement as.

K1- Fluo K1-Fluo is confocal fluorescence laser scanning microscopy from Nanoscope Systems – developed axikcam versatile biological, chemical, and medical purpose. This camera is equipped to capture images More information.

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Benefit upon benefit The “Zeiss Blue” offers more than high resolution and brilliant images. The monochrome AxioCam MRm uses peltier cooling to ensure a low noise and high dynamic range. Registration GS, CE, cul How do I grab a single image?


With our camera, troublesome tangled cables are a thing of the past. Some items shown have been part of demonstration equipment.

Microscopy & Imaging

They can also be used for the monitoring More information. The keyword here is fluorescence. Using the software supplied, you can change the color saturation, contrast, brightness and many other acquisition parameters.

Start display at page:. The resolution is indeed. TTL output for controlling of external shutters Interface: This is certainly a valid requirement as More information.

This equipment has been tested and found More information. Video camera and lens The AxioCam ERc 5s microscope camera can be operated via AxioVision in the conventional way, but it also works as a stand-alone imaging station.