Please help me fix the bug! All times are GMT Synaptic says it doesn’t exist, and it appears to be a pretty important package to have. The moment alpha is all way up, gnome removes them. Either open up whatever package manager uses and install it from there, or you can get it from Broadcom’s site here:

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I’m running gentoo amd64, kernel 3.

This bug has the following behaviors: In my case, the corruption is not in the form of horizontal lines; simply the area inside radeo window that requires 3d graphics is black or frozen. Knowing that its an older card and that ATI stopped support for it a while ago, I was wondering if anyone knows if I would have better luck on Ubuntu 8. I don’t think any of the suggestions or workarounds on this bug are relevant on your system.

Ubuntu :: Get Graphics Drivers For ATI Radeon X1270 Installed On 9.04 Desktop?

Gadeon 10, So Ubuntu had been working great in Lucid, and when I upgraded to Maverick the support for my graphics card stopped. One of the striking characteristics of this problem has always been that the pointer and character glyphs would always get clobbered.


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Org fix the bug, I’ll just remove the Debian partition from my netbook. It is fair for ALL kernels that I tested 3.

Comment 18 d4ddi0 This might be a duplicate of bug Perhaps your boards need similar msi quirks? This defects are not present with 1GiB. Radeon RX Laptop.

When I use Code: Regardless of whether this was the password screen for synaptic or just the first character typed into a terminal. Samsung R60, xpressOpenSuse Tumbleweed, kernel 3.

Dell Latitude D531

Sounds like that was just intermittent corruption of the hardware cursor memory buffer then, e. Is there any way to create a “radeon-unsupported” module for those of us who have chipsets X. Comment 34 axel Can you attach the dmesg output from with and without the linix vramlimit?

So what is the simplest way of disabling ATI and using only Intel’s gma? Liinux more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.


I have tried many things, here are the results: The drivers are open, that is already installed in Ubuntu. Attachments A screenshot that clearly displays corruption between program visuals I had already gotten a new laptop at the time it was reported, and I don’t have access to the old hardware anymore.

drivers – Problem graphics with ATI Radeon x (RSM) on Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

I have been having the same problem. I’m short of time these days. Starting a regular, non-accelerated gnome-session, and then running: Does your bios have an option for sideport RAM, do you know if you have sideport?

However, there seems to be a significant speed degradation raadeon terms of opening applications, switching windows, clicking on links etc. I am currently running xorg 1. Comment 83 d4ddi0 Alternatively in software center search for fglrx , then install ATI binary X.

Comment 49 Alex Deucher