If you do not want to register, fill this field only and the name will be used as user name for your post. The Xonar doesn’t contain a DSP. Post 36 of Fine wires needed due to short leads on capacitor plus to get in tight space to solder. The text based command for the equalizer is below. If this BSOD happens again or on multiple occasions you can let us know with an update to your original comment.

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ASUS Xonar HDAV mods | Page 3 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Lowering the crossover to 25Hz did exactly what I wanted. Is this the issue that happens when clicking on the Windows Volume as you’ve J 05 Dec Make a EMI shield for your Xonar card 12.

Mar 31, at The ebay caps – they’re already 10pcs, you only need 4 pcs.


Case 21 Nov From a technical standpoint an improvement in the circuitry based on post 1 is questionable to say the least 2. Theres a set out now, for the Xonar U1.

I personally don’t use the LM’s anymore. Feb 5, at 6: JonasBeckmanAug 28, Share This Page Tweet. My STX Card has a swollen capacitor wich is used for d22.

The fact that you need external power connector on a sound card really amuses me. On Xonar DX l, have tried multiple drivers. This was on an old Intel G board too In the last I have changed my PC motherboard, and processor.

Oct 7, at 8: I’m not confused, my uses are different. For Informations sack, but it seems to be getting some good reviews.

I have uf electrolytic caps all of which I bypassed with 2. Which Windows 10 version do you have? I got a list of various caps and op-amps that can be gotten for this but some of the suggestions I cannot find.


Here is the link to the mod page: Mar 31, at 1: I don’t really know of any common knockoffs of ADs or anything The caps over there is small uF value so I thought adding this could make xoar ripple lower. Your name or email address: Slightly boomy sound with the sub set to 50Hz.

Asus Xonar DG drivers, it’s time to mod them again 🙂 | guru3D Forums

Post 35 of There are no pop-up, pop-under or sticky sonar. Obviously the amount of dither here is important to me, and the other artists I work with Here’ some pics of my mods. I prefer the Prelude for now.