It seems the new settings activate some kind of firewalling protocals that block all incomming requests. OP I have no idea what PC you have? OK, so we now have a make and model, and assumption 3 is correct. Answered on Nov 22, PSU model not stated. Answered on Mar 22,

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ASUS WL-AM604G Router

Some Asus routers come with default network names with the name of the manufacturer. Posted on Nov 30, Be the first to answer.

Possibly but your question lacks information. DDR3 memory partnumbers and maker not stated, matters.

ASUS WL-AMg routers specifications

When you first switch on your computer and fire up your browser, you get a prompt that either asks you which connection you want to use, or mentions the DSL connection and has username and password boxes and a Dial button, and you have to click the Dial button to establish an Internet connection.

Alun Cox Level 3 Expert Answers. Sounds asuss me like your new ISP, having given you a router, is not asua in supporting anything but that router, and as a consequence they’ve told you how to use your shiny ASUS as a simple ADSL modem.


Your motherboard, has 2 power feed connectors 24 and 4 I bet 4 pin is missing, cable. It seems the new settings activate some kind of firewalling protocals that block all incomming requests.

Hardware overview, Front panel – Asus WL-AM604g User Manual

Wl-aam604g the power light stops blinking, the unit has been reset and is ready to use. Answered on Nov 22, OK, so we now have a make and model, and assumption 3 is correct. The setup you used to generate those reports is successfully connecting a single computer to the Internet. Not sure if this question is a bit too techinical for meta. PSU model not stated.

That device is the router your ISP gave you. Universal is wrong idea. Wl-am604y the router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version, but it will change all settings back to factory defaults. I see you installed w7 but how far did you get, to the last step reboot?

So now you can access the router settings. Answered on Dec 12, Not finding what you are looking for?

ASUS WL-AMG router vásárlás, olcsó ASUS WL-AMG árak, Asus Router akciók

Answered on Dec 14, You don’t state what version of Windows is on it, but most likely an older version of Windows based on the age of that model laptop. Please check these and tell me if any are wrong.


They use a totaly different system to my old ISP, so ive had to change all the settings. Accessing your router’s configuration interface To connect to your router’s web interface, follow these steps: Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites! S3 not 3 but S3?

The only problem is it seems to disable my internal LAN, none of the other computers on my network can use the router to access the web, and even stranger the main computer can not access the router settings. DDR3 must be on Acers qualified memory list, is it?

Get rid of the Windows Internet Gateway nonsense; use only the router’s admin web server. Id already said the isp supplied router works just fine Once that works, you should be able to connect multiple computers and they should all function.

Google your model and you should be able to find a picture.